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5-a-day/ Maths




Daily 5-a-day questions will be slightly different whilst we are working from home. The link below will take you to your 5-a-day each day. 


As we would do if we were still able to learn together in class, we are going to follow the sequence of lessons for our fractions (hurray!!) topic. Using the link below, 

**We are just about to start Week 11** 

watch the videos and then complete the worksheet which are also below - check that the worksheet is the correct one for the video wink .. not mentioning any names in particular ha!


I will upload the answers at the end of each day so that you (and whoever is at home with you!) can mark your work and correct any if needed! Remember to let me know how you got on with your maths work - if you are stuck, comment on the blog and I can help you out!



There are more than 5 questions per day, but it won't harm you ;) ... A slide of the PowerPoint per day.

(week 11) 1st week of isolation answer sheets