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Bug Club questions

Big Giant, Little Bear

Why did the man play a trick on the giant by holding on to the branches?

Page 4: How does the author want the reader to view the giant?

Page 6: What words show they had walked a long way?

Page 8: What happened to the giant when the man let go?

Page 10: What did the giant do when he got home?


Tick, Tock Unfix the Clock

Explore the front and back covers of the book.

  • What is happening to the town clock?
  • Who do you think is likely to be responsible for ‘unfixing’ the clock?
  • How and why do the Meddlers unfix the clock?
  • What will be the consequences for the town?


Page 5: Why are the people of Busyville never late?

Page 11: Where are the Meddlers?

Page 15: Who are the Bank Busting Bunch and what are they doing in the cellar of the clock tower?

Page 25: Describe what has happened to the Busyville clock.

Page 29: What does the policewoman say as she opens the tower door?


The Queen’s Plan

How do we know that the Queen’s cooking is bad?

How do we know that the King isn’t good at fixing things?

Do you think that the Queen’s plan is a good idea?

Can you retell the story to someone in your house?