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Come and See

Our next area of learning is Memorial Sacrifice.

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Lesson 1 


EXPLORE – How memories are kept alive.


Ask the question: What is a memory? and talk about the responses. Share some of your special memories and what things brings them to mind - it might be an object, a sound, a song, a smell, a photo etc. Discuss why these things trigger memories and how important they are. Share some photos of events that have happened in the life of your child.


What are their memories of these times and how do you all keep those memories alive?


To look at how we can keep memories alive, watch a clip of the book, ‘William Gordon McDonald Partridge’  on:


Answer these questions on the blog.


1 Why was Miss Nancy, Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge’s favourite person?

2 What kind of memories did the people in the home have?

3 What helped them to remember? 

4 What did the memory basket do for Miss Nancy?

5 Why do you think it was important?

Lesson 2

At the moment, we are living with the effects of the COVID19 pandemic and we have been doing things a bit differently from our normal way! How will you remember these times?


Make a list of good things and bad things to remember in the future.


You could make a ‘time capsule’, a collage, drawing, writing or a video about COVID days to help you to remember what you did and how you felt at this time.


Post on our blog about these memories.