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Come and See


Remembering, celebrating and responding to a journey through a year

and the Christian family’s journey with Jesus



Let us start today’s lesson with a moment of quiet reflection.  


Take some time to think about:

  • How each year has its special times and seasons.
  • Life is a journey.
  • How we can help one another on the journey.


Can you remember:

  • The structure of the Liturgical Year, its special times and seasons?
  • The colour used by the Church at different seasons?
  • What liturgy means?
  • What Ordinary Time is?
  • The Mysteries of the Rosary show the journey of Jesus and Mary’s life?
  • The cycle of readings for the Sundays?
  • Some of the feasts of Our Lady?
  • Some of the pilgrimage psalms?




Using a footprint write on it how you might help another person on their journey.