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Come and See

Lesson 1

This week we will learn about how the Church works in our local area. 


Click here for the link to the Archdiocese.

Lesson 2 

Christian Unity

Christian Unity:
Until about 1530 the Church in England and Wales was Catholic. Then came a time of change in
the world. People were beginning to have new ideas about what it meant to be a Christian. There
were many arguments about religion. Many people split away from the Catholic Church because
they wanted to reform it and were called reformers. A number of different Christian Churches
were created.
In more recent times, Christians have tried to re-unite the Churches by emphasising what they
have in common and not their differences. The Churches are united through Jesus Christ and made
one by the Holy Spirit. Through the Sacrament of Baptism, all Christians are called to share Jesus’
mission, but Christians carry it out in different ways.
All Christians are journeying towards God and towards unity, remembering Jesus’ words that ‘they
may all be one.’ This movement towards Christian unity is called ecumenism
and all Christians have a responsibility through prayer and discussion to carry out Christ’s
commandment to ‘love one another’. We do this through spreading the Good News and
promoting justice and peace in the world in which we live. In January each year a Week of Prayer
for Christian Unity is said throughout the dioceses. (from 18th January to 25th 2021)


This is one of the prayers said during the week:

God our Father,
you reveal to us your love through Christ
and through our brothers and sisters.
Open our hearts so that we can welcome each other
with our differences and live in forgiveness.
Grant us to live united in one body,
so that the gift that is each person comes to light.
May all of us together be a reflection
of the living Christ.



 Research different Christian denominations e.g. Methodist, Baptist, Anglicans and
Pentecostal. Ask the questions:
- When did this Christian denomination begin?
- Who is its leader? Who leads the worship?
- What do you notice that is special or different about it?
- How do people worship?
- What do they believe?
- What is the same?
- What is the mission?


Post ideas/pictures on the blog.