St Teresa'sCatholic Primary School

'A welcoming family of God, growing and achieving together, with Jesus at our side.' "I am the vine and you are the branches"

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End of Topic Reflection


Start the session with a moment of quiet reflection about:

  • Jesus’ prayer for unity in John’s Gospel.
  • Paul’s letter explaining how we are all different, but one in Jesus Christ.
  • Eucharist challenges Christians to live in communion.
  • The Communion Rite, the Our Father and its meaning.
  • The prayer for peace and unity within the Communion Rite.
  • In Holy Communion we become one with Christ and one another.


Is there anything you wonder about:

  • What helps friendships to grow?
  • What makes unity between people?
  • What undermines friendship and unity?
  • The unity which Holy Communion brings.


Key Question:

How can I live and grow in communion with others?


Your Task:

After a time of quiet reflection and prayer.

  • Using the shape of a dove of peace, write three things to try to do to achieve unity with others.