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A wide variety of books and the purpose for which they were written


Talk about books and how you use them. Note that only a few hundred years ago, books were only for the very rich, as they were costly and written by hand by monks. Later, when printing was first invented, they were still expensive and also very few people could read. Nowadays, books are for everyone.


Discuss whether Kindle or electronic books would ever completely replace actual books. Is it a book or not? What makes a book a book? What are the pros and cons? Is it possible to imagine a world without books? Talk about how books enrich our lives, whether they are electronic or hard copies, how they can take us beyond our environment and our own thoughts and ideas. Discuss how books might have influenced your thinking, ideas or behaviour. Mind-map ideas.


  1. Which book would you most like to own and why?
  2. Which kind of books are the most helpful to you and why?
  3. Which kind of book would you give a friend or a family member and why?