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Explore 2 (Live Lesson)

Remember, this work will be completed during our live session via TEAMs on Wednesday. 

If you wish to have a look at what we will be discussing before, the questions are below. 



A wide variety of books and the purpose for which they were written


Look at the coffee table book. Why is it attractive, how does it help you and how would you treat it? Photograph albums are books too. Why are they special? Introduce the word ‘genre’, and explain how the word means ‘variety’ or ‘type’. Books come in many different genres, according to their purpose, information, history, story etc..


Look at all the books that you have in your home (or try to think about our class/school library) and think about how you use these books. Collect books that you may have at home to share with the class and note down:

(I will be sharing books for us to discuss aswell so don’t worry if you can’t find many at home!)


variety of books that exist, titles and authors, genre, reason the book was written, date of publication.


  1. Why should we treat books with care?
  2. If you wrote a book, what kind would it be and why?
  3. How would you feel if you had a book of your own printed?