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Explore Lesson 1

Explore Lesson 1 - 

What nourishes and what spoils friendship and unity.


Listen to a song about friendship e.g. You’ve Got a Friend, Anytime You Need A Friend, etc. Talk about the lyrics and their meaning.  Use a story e.g. The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister (Although this is written for younger children its appeal and message is universal, and it is useful to have a short story.)


Explain how friendships may be between two or more people, but when a friendship excludes others all the time, it will be difficult for it flourish and grow.  It may be that a group of people come together, for a common purpose e.g. to play a sports game, to get a task done, to prepare for a celebration, to be part of a band etc.  Often when people come together it is to complete a task that would be difficult alone e.g. putting up a tent.  When people come together with a common purpose, there is unity between them.  They become as one.  


Create a mind-map/list to discuss about what unity may mean in a group.  Discuss what beliefs and values are demonstrated in the songs and stories and how they influence the pattern of friendship and unity.






  1. Why do you think friendships are important?
  2. What do you think is the most important value in friendship?
  3. What helps a friendship to flourish?


Your Activity:

  • Using what you believe and value, create a Code of Conduct showing what makes a good friend.  Give reasons for your choice of statements.