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Home Learning Week 13

Hello Year 2,

I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend! 

Unfortunately, there is no new badge to show you this week but we aren't far away so keep on logging on to Get Epic and doing your reading. I hope you will all really like the book I have picked this week! 


We are nearly at the end of term and this week we will be saying goodbye to our year 6 children. This is a very exciting and scary time for them as they leave our school and get ready to move to high school. In school, we will be having lots of celebrations and creating lovely goodbye pictures for the children to see. Even though we aren’t all together at the moment, it would be great if you could make your own goodbye pictures at home and post them on our blog to make them feel extra special. Please post the pictures before Wednesday or email them to us so we can include them in their celebrations on Thursday and Friday. 

Remember that even though we are near the end of the year, we can still be doing more great learning so keep up the excellent effort you have been putting in and email your work or post it onto the blog for me to see. 

Have a great week! 

Miss Wagner 



This week’s activities are:




Watch RWI speed sound sessions - If your child has watched all of the sounds and now knows them confidently, please move onto the next set of speed sounds.

RWI Phonics lessons at home
Free Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons on Facebook and YouTube for children to watch at home; three short Speed Sound lessons every day.

  • Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am (Mrs Wright's and Mrs Atherton's RWI groups)
  • Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am (Mrs Kubiak’s RWI group)

If you normally complete Set 3 Speed sounds please have a look at your complex speed sounds chart and choose a sound to revise. You should be able to confidently say and spell words using that sound and include them in your sentences.


Reading and Writing

Continue with books on Bug Club.

This week's Get Epic book is ‘. Click on the link below and type in the code ewr5265,


The activities to complete are:-

- Complete the quiz at the end 

- Write an interview for a news report between one of the boys and a presenter from Newsround. You can imagine that a meteorite has crashed into the field whilst you were hiding in the cave and now the whole world needs to know about what you discovered. If you lay out your interview like a playscript, with the names of those speaking in the margin, you do not need to use inverted commas (speech marks). Try to include descriptive language, different sentence types and prepositional phrases.

- Create a non-chronological report about space or meteorites. Remember we lay it out by using a heading, sub-headings and paragraphs. It would help to do research beforehand so you have reliable facts. Try to include expanded noun phrases, commas in a list, alliteration and prepositional phrases.

- Comprehension activities (See PDF's) 

If you would like some additional activities to complete you can continue working through the English lessons on the Oak National Academy or you may wish to work on some BBC Bitesize Daily activities.



In Maths, please continue using the White Rose Daily lessons. This week we will be working on measure and time. 

- Litres

- Temperature

- O'clock and Half Past

- Quarter past and Quarter to

- Friday Maths challenge 

You can access videos for each of the lessons on this page. 


Play Maths games on Education City

Remember for any extra maths activities, play some games through top marks website or watch some Jack Hartman maths videos on YouTube.

Foundation subjects

  • Geography - Twinkl  has a unit about the geography of Kenya. It focus’ on the main human and physical features of the country. Learn about the key geographical features of the country including Kenyan wildlife, landscapes and culture. Also learn about the similarities and differences between Kenya and the UK along with continuing to develop geographical skills through a variety of fun and interactive activities.
  • Follow the BBC Bitesize or Oaks Academy for some fantastic foundation subject activities. You may want to complete all of these or just a selection. Please send any pictures you have of the work you have completed.


Take a look at the planner from Get Epic from some fantastic new activities to do each day. 



July Planner

Sock Olympics

This year, Sports Day is looking a little different! Due to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics been postponed until 2021, ST.TERESAS have planned a Sock Olympics just for you! Keep checking the school blog for more information. 



Have a go at some of the activities and sing along!  


Join in with Song of the Week. With weekly teaching and other super songs and resources.



Have Fun!

Speak soon.