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Home Learning Week 14

Hello Year 2!

I am so excited to see lots of you back in school this week!

If you are not back in school please keep in touch with us on the blog or through emails as there will be lots of fun activities to do. 


This week would have been our final week together and many of you will have seen, your new teacher for next year is Mrs Burgess. I have been telling her so much about all of you but I am sure she would love to see your views so I have added a transition booklet to this weeks activities for you to complete. Send them in to us through the blog or email your work. 


We also reached 250 books on get epic last week so here is our new badge! Some children have made a fantastic effort to read as much as they can during the lockdown and I am sure this will have helped so much with your learning. 


Finally, I would love to say thank you for being so wonderful and making my first year at St Teresa's extra special. I will miss you all lots and when your parents receive your reports this week I am sure you will know just how proud I am of you all. 


Well done for completing year 2!

Miss Wagner 


This weeks activities are:-



As this is your last week of year 2, I would like you to reflect on the year. 

- Write a letter to me or one of your friends to explain what you have been doing during lockdown. 

- Make a book review for the best book you have read

- Write a description about yourself. Include lots of adjectives and make sure you explain your likes, dislikes, interests and hobbies. 


I will be sending all of the best writing this week to Mrs Burgess so this is your time to impress and show us what you remember after 14 weeks of home learning! 



This week and over the holidays, I would love you all to focus on your handwriting. This is a huge part of your step over into year 3 as you will be awarded a pen licence if you are able to use cursive handwriting in all of your lessons. Remember the joins I showed you in year 2 and practice them regularly. 

Take a look at some of the resources at the bottom of this page to help you. 



Phonics is very important as it helps you with your spelling and accuracy when writing words. Use the sound mats I gave you in your home learning pack to recap the sounds or watch lots of phonics videos through youtube or get epic. 



Keep reading books on bug club and get epic. I would love us to reach more than 300 books before we finish! 



Continue working on your Maths skills. I have attached a summer maths booklet to the documents for this week which you can use or you can continue working through BBC bitesize or Oak National Academy Maths. 



 Think about your favourite topic this year. Is it the Great Fire of London, Scented Garden, Queen Elizabeth or maybe something about the Continents? Write about the topic you have chosen and explain why you liked it, what you knew before it and what you learned from it. 



Use the art skills you have learned over key stage 1 to help you draw a self portrait of yourself. 

You may want to draw or you can look up the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo and create a self portrait using foods. 


Have a wonderful week everyone!