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Home Learning Week 4



Good afternoon Year 2, 


At the start of the week I promised to update you all with the amount of Dojos we have. 

Our total still includes the time when we were in school and I have added some more for the work I have seen this week and last week so we are now on.....


907 DOJOS!


Can we reach 1000 by the end of next week? 

I think so! 


Have a wonderful weekend Year 2, 

Miss Wagner 


Friday 1st May 2020

Good Morning Year 2! 

In the month of May we would normally pray to our lady and ask her to guide us and help us. Today I would like you to begin your prayers to our lady by writing your very own version of the Hail Mary. You could also make your own rosary beads or draw some pictures of Our Lady. 


If you have finished all of the White Rose lessons on measuring you can now complete the length pages in your maths workbooks. If you haven’t finished the White Rose activities, don’t worry - keep going with those. 

It is also feel good Friday so remember to take time to do something you enjoy; bake, draw, dance, sing, play. Do whatever it is that makes you feel happy. I will be spending some time watching the animals in Chester zoo because it is one of my favourite places to visit. 

Have a great day year 2 and remember to log onto the blog and say hello!

Missing you all lots!

Miss Wagner 





Thursday 30th April 2020 

 Hello Year 2, 


I hope you had a great day yesterday and enjoyed the Oak National Academy lessons. Today, the academy will be hosting an assembly, led by the Archbishop of Canterbury to spread a message of hope across the nation. I am sure it will be a lovely assembly to watch with your families so if you are able, tune in at 10am....I know I will be! 


I have also added some Come and See lessons for you to complete today and tomorrow. Both lessons are all about how we communicate and spread messages. To complete these lessons you can click on the Power point below.


I haven't seen many emails or blog posts this week so if you are able, please send me a message even if it is just a simple hello and to say how you are getting on. I would love to hear about your paddling pools, gardening skills, baking or any other activities you have been doing alongside your home learning. I have also written comments on all the blog posts so far so take time to read over them if you can. 


Speak to you soon Year 2 and remember to clap for all of our key workers tonight. 

Miss Wagner 


Wednesday 29th April 2020


Hola Year 2, Me Llamo Miss Wagner! 

Did you enjoy your Spanish lesson yesterday? You should all now know how to introduce yourself in Spanish and if you don't, you can still practice the lesson on the Oak National Academy so don't worry! 


I am sure you have all heard about the amazing walk Captain Tom has been doing to raise money for the NHS and tomorrow he will be 100 years old! He is inspirational and today I have added two activities that you might want to work on with your families. 


I have also added some activities you can discuss together all about keeping healthy! 


Have a great day Year 2! 

Missing you all, 

Miss Wagner 






Tuesday 28th April 2020


Good Morning Year 2, 

I hope you all enjoyed reading The Firework Maker’s daughter yesterday. It is a very interesting story and I am enjoying reading along too! 
Yesterday, I found another lovely story that has been written especially for all the children during this time. It is called staying home and I have shared the link with you below so that you can read it with your families. 
I would also like you to have a look at the video Mrs Brookes has made of all the pieces of work that children sent in last week - it is shared on our twitter page and also on the coronavirus Page on our school website. 
Keep going year 2, you are doing a fantastic job. 
Missing you all, 

Miss Wagner 


Monday 27th April 2020 


Good Morning Year 2, 


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready for another week of home learning. 

Last week I received lots of lovely emails, photographs, tweets and blog posts and it put a big smile on my face to see the fantastic work you have been doing. 

Below is a list of lessons for you to complete and I will be adding some extra activities throughout the week so please keep checking the page.  Keep working hard as I know you always do and remember to send me an email or blog of your favourite piece for the week. I will make sure I add some class dojo's for them all and I will be sharing our total with you at the end of the week. 


Hope to see you all soon! 

Miss Wagner 




After Joe Wicks there are daily phonics lessons for you to complete through RWI speed sounds. 

  • Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am (Mrs Wright's, Mrs Kubiak's and Mrs Atherton's RWI groups)
  • Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am ( Mrs Burrows' and Mrs Kubiak’s RWI group)
  • Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am (Miss Wagner, Miss Perry's and Mrs Hewitt)



Please READ a book each day - Using home readers, Bug Club, Oxford Owl or your own books



This week I would like you to open up the Oak National Academy English lessons and follow them each day. The Oak National Academy was set up by the Government to help us all while we are doing our home learning and they have some great English lessons for you to do. All you need to do is click on the Oak National Academy link and it will take you straight to day one. 


This week there will be two reading lessons, two grammar lessons and a writing lesson following the book, The Firework Maker's Daughter. 




In Maths this week, I would like you to continue working through the White Rose lessons. 

There are four lessons to complete:-

- Compare lengths

- Order lengths

- Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide Lengths

- Problem Solving 


Each of the learning videos starts with 4 flashback questions (like our 5 a day) so please complete these in your books first. 

Please also log onto Times Tables Rockstars - If you are having any problems with this please send an email or blog and I can help you. 



Foundation subjects

Like last week, I would like you to follow the Oak National Academy foundation lessons. 


This week you will be looking at:-

-Life in the Shang Dynasty 

- Introducing yourself in Spanish

- How light travels 

- The beliefs of the people in the Shang Dynasty 

- Textures Treasure Hunt


BBC Bitesize also has a lot of excellent lessons for you to complete. I loved looking at the lesson about Neil Armstrong! 


Have a great week!