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Learning Focus 4



Within the New Testament is the fulfilment of the promises made by God in the Old Testament. God sent his Son, Jesus, to establish a new relationship with his people and Christians believe that the inspiration for the writers in the New Testament came from God, the Holy Spirit. The Gospels are central in the lives of Christians because Jesus Christ is their centre.


The texts themselves were originally passed on orally and only written down later. The first New Testament scriptures are believed to have been written more than 30 years

after Jesus’ Resurrection and the last one about 70 years after. They record the memories of those whose lives were changed through contact with Jesus. Mark’s Gospel was the first gospel to be written. The word ‘Gospel’ means ‘Good News.’


The four Gospels have some stories which are the same and some which are exclusive to a particular Gospel. The one that is very different is John. The Gospels were written for slightly different audiences. Matthew and Luke have some stories which are the same, word for word. They are the only two which describe the birth of Jesus. All four Gospels give a detailed account of the death and resurrection of Jesus.


Learning Focus 4. New Testament Books: Gospels


  1. Why are the Gospels so important to Christians?
  2. How many Gospels are there in the Bible?
  3. What are the names of the Gospels?


  • Find your favourite story or saying in the Gospel (Use the internet to find a passage if needed!). Describe how it might affect what you believe. Make links between this and what Christians believe. How might it affect your behaviour?