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Learning Focus 5

Learning Focus 5:

John the Baptist's expectation of Jesus.

Read the content below before answering the key questions and completing the task. Remember you can discuss your answers with anyone at home!


Mark begins his Gospel in a different way from John. He refers to the Old Testament prophecy of Isaiah, which he applies to John the Baptist. In Mark’s Gospel it is John the Baptist who announces the expectation of the coming of Jesus, referring to the prophecy of Isaiah.


This is the Good News about Jesus Christ, the Son of God. It began as the prophet Isaiah had written: God said, ‘I will send my messenger ahead of you to open the way for you.’ Someone is shouting in the desert, ‘Get the road ready for the Lord; make a straight path for him to travel!’


So, John appeared in the desert, baptising and preaching. ‘Turn away from your sins and be baptised, he told the people, and God will forgive your sins.’


Many people from the province of Judaea and the city of Jerusalem went out to hear John. They confessed their sins, and he baptized them in the Jordan River.           

Mark 1: 1-5


The people’s expectation began to rise. They wondered whether John was the Messiah, but he explained that he was not and that he was not even worthy enough to untie Jesus’ sandals (that means in preparation to wash his feet).


Key Questions:


  1. How do we ‘get the road ready for the Lord’ during this time of Advent?
  2. What expectations did the people have?
  3. How were they to prepare for the Messiah?



Pretend you are John the Baptist. Ask someone at home to 'interview' you (like we did during the Hot-Seat activity in class for Andrew!) . Explain to them what your expectations of Jesus are and what he expects of us, especially during this exciting time of advent.