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Learning Focus 6

Bible in daily life.




The Bible is important because it brings the reader or listener into the presence of God. It is God who speaks through the words of Scripture. Through Scripture, Christians are given strength and courage in their lives, not only to hear the Word of God, but to put it in action in their lives.


It is also important that, as Christians, we know our story, where we have come from and where we are called to go. We know we share in the story of those who have gone before

us. For Christians, the Bible is a guide for living. Through the Bible, Christians begin to know more about God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and try to discover how they should live their lives. Sometimes in groups, sometimes alone in quiet reflection, Christians use passages from the Bible to help them to pray to God and reflect on their lives.



  1. Why is it important that Christians know the Bible?
  2. What part do you play in that story of God’s people?
  3. Which is the most important Biblical text (story) for you and why?


Your Task:

  • Write your own inspirational passage that reflects Scripture from the Bible that you have experienced through this topic or at home/church.