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Reading as much as possible is very important: it keeps our brains active, allows us to relax/wind down and is very entertaining! We've been doing really well with the amount we read in class and it would be amazing if we could keep this up whilst at home. Below are our 'mini-reads' we would do in the morning and the reading comprehensions that we would have done over the new few weeks in class. 

Remember to look for the stars/levels at the bottom of the page to make sure you are reading the correct text for you!


You can share the reading and discuss the answers with anyone at home!

Remember to let me know how you're getting on, have you found anything especially interesting from these reads! Upload your answers/take a picture of them so I can comment to you about them laugh

Answers are included in the documents PLEASE BE HONEST and only check after you have completed them! 


Comprehensions - x 2 per week. remember to only do the correct 'star level' for you.