St Teresa'sCatholic Primary School

'A welcoming family of God, growing and achieving together, with Jesus at our side.' "I am the vine and you are the branches"

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Start the session with a moment of quiet reflection..


Note down anything you remember or  wonder about:

  • How our lives are enriched by books.
  • The wonder of books and how they take a person beyond themselves.
  • The presence of God in the words of Scripture.


 Remember how...

  • The Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit.
  • The Bible tells of God’s love for his People.
  • The care and reverence with which the Word of God is treated.
  • Some of the books of the Bible and their genres.
  • How to find a reference.
  • The different parts of the Bible; the Old Testament, Hebrew Scriptures, Gospels, Acts, Letters and Revelation.
  • What the Bible means to the Christian.


What have you understood and enjoyed from this topic? Create a mindmap.


Your activity:

After a time of quiet reflection and prayer:

  • Choose a favourite quote from scripture. Design a bookmark to illustrate it/colour it in.