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Week 2

This week's reading questions for War Horse, Chapter Two.

Hello Year 6!

How has your weekend been? Hopefully, fun, relaxing and safe! 


Thank you to those of you (and parents) who have downloaded Twitter to tag me in things online so that i can see what you have been up to/working on! Really cheered my (and my family's) days up. 


As this situation/pandemic could possibly become a significant event in History, I think it could be very beneficial for you to keep some sort of 'diary' where you can record the events/whats going on in the news, what's happening to your daily routine and lives (social distancing/lock downs) as well as your thoughts and feelings. This can be done whenever/as often as you like.  


For now, I would like you continue with the previous format of daily work for

P.E Joe Wickes P.E at home on youtube 

Maths (first 6 questions of the next three pages)

SPaG (next two pages) 

Writing (choose one of the writing activities from your 'Literacy' booklet) - Take pictures and upload them to Twitter for me to read if you can please! 

TTRS & Education City: A mixture of subjects, the ones you find the most fun - the better! As often as you want/can!

Reading: Read the next chapter of War Horse (by the end of the week - Fri 3rd April).


Our new learning topic in Maths will be about measurement and conversions (weight/volume/length) - Might be useful for you to do a little bit of research as a topic starter about the units we use for each measurements and how we can convert before i upload the PowerPoints! 


Keep smiling, Miss Thompson x