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Week 3: 20/04/19

This week's reading questions for Chapter Three.

I have found a link that some of the other teachers have been using to encourage/teach new learning in maths. However, it doesn't follow on from what I had originally planned (measurement, which we usually would have completed before the Easter holidays.) I appreciate we are now a week behind in the learning so don't worry too much (just try to catch up and complete the lesson in the correct order for it to make sense!). The new learning topic is now shapes! yay :D. If you follow the link above, it will take you to the correct page, where you will have daily PowerPoints and activities for home maths lessons and a maths challenge on a Friday - make sure to check the order/dates. Ignore any lessons before 'SUMMER TERM'! Any issues, let me know via the school blog or Twitter. Thanks xx

Hello Year 6!!

How was your Easter 'Holidays'? Hopefully, relaxing and lots of sunny days in the garden (and lots of chocolate!) 

Today, would be the start of our new term and I would have loved to be coming into to school to all your lovely faces as I am missing you all loads and especially after seeing what you've been up to via Twitter. 


Work will follow the same format as the previous weeks - working through the booklets & continuing to read and be as creative as possible in whatever way you choose! (send me photos!!) I am currently trying to figure out how to upload a Maths PowerPoint for you access - we all know IT isn't my strong point ;) haha. 


P.E Joe Wickes P.E at home on youtube (If you prefer, take part in a dance class - Oti Mabuse does fantastic ones on YouTube!!) 

Maths (first 6 questions of the next three pages)

SPaG (next two pages) 

Writing (choose one of the writing activities from your 'Literacy' booklet) - Take pictures and upload them to Twitter for me to read if you can please! 

TTRS & Education City: A mixture of subjects, the ones you find the most fun - the better! As often as you want/can!

Reading: Read Chapter Three of War Horse  & answer/discuss the questions


Hopefully, I will see/speak to you very soon. Lots of love, Miss T xx