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Week 4: 27/04/2019

Weekly Reading Questions. War Horse Chapter 4

As we begin our 4th week of home learning, I just want to take this time to tell you how proud I am to be your teacher throughout all of this uncertainty. Seeing all of your hardwork, family time and smiling faces via the blog and Twitter is really uplifting and I hope you are keeping (online) contact with your family & friends.heart


The new learning in maths should've been started last week (try your best to catch up if you can!) and contains a daily PowerPoint, activities and answers to mark your work afterwards. 


Daily Maths: White Rose Maths (Week 2, click link above) and next six questions on the next three pages (if at the end of the booklet, restart from the beginning!) as well as daily TTRS sessions. 

Reading: By the end of the week to have read War Horse chapter 4 and answered/discussed the questions (click link above) 

Daily SPaG: Can you create a SPaG quiz for someone in your household (of anything that you have completed in your booklet so far - the trickier the better.) Don't forget to mark their work and explain the rules of any grammar if necessary.   

Writing: Remember to be keeping a regular diary - include pictures/story boards of your favourite days -  of your time during the Covid-19 lock down and home learning experience - note down personal feelings, thoughts, activities and how you are keeping safe/positive as a family. You might want to write a poem/wish list for when this is all over! For example, where will you go first? Who will you want to see first? etc. 

P.E/Dance: Daily P.E with Joe Wickes or Dance with Oti Mabuse (YouTube) Can you create your own fitness routine or dance routine to teach someone at home?

Creative: Start with a clean page - with pictures and/or fancy bubble writing, slowly begin to fill your page with your thoughts and feelings (possibly a mixture of positive hope and sadness/missing friends.)

Daily Education City: Either French, Music, ICT, (maybe try a new language or subject you haven't done before?) 

Science: This term, would have been our 'break' from Science. If you would like to, I thought it would be fun/interesting for you to create a booklet factfile/PowerPoint (anything informative!) about any scientists that we have studied or mentioned throughout Year 6 so far (Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Carl Linneaus, Mary Anning, Alfred Wallace, Alexander Fleming, Benjamin Franklin, Alessandro Volta) Choose as many as you want - you may choose to do one/two scientists per week and add to your factfiles?! I am looking forward to seeing what you create/find out about these scientists.


Keep Smiling. Keep Safe. Lots of love, Miss T xx