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Week 6: 11/05/2020

Good morning Year 6 heart Sending lots of love and smiles to you all this week and another reminder of how proud I am of you ALL for your engagement and positivity when doing home learning throughout this weird & wonderful time. 


This week, I would like us all to reconnect with one another and with school (in compliance with social distancing rules of course!). I would like us to think of this week as our Year 6 Project Week. This will only work if EVERYONE takes parts and completes the activity so PLEASE encourage everyone to join in so we all have something to look forward to over the next week. Attached above, is a list of your names paired with some one in our class (I pulled names out of a hat - completely random!)

Our project is to create a picture/collage/letter/poem/poster/painted stone/sock puppet (ANYTHING CREATIVE THAT YOU THINK THEY WILL LIKE - COULD BE THEIR (FIRST) NAME DECORATED) and then tie it to our Yr 6 designated area on the schools gates - look for the banner (we can print out work for you if you are struggling to get to school/) Remember, no FULL names, no photos (drawn pictures of the person are ok). Please state who your work is for and who by (no full names!) and if you can, keep checking on your daily walk throughout the week/next week to see what somebody has left for you! Again,  this will only work if everybody gets involved so that nobody is left out! As bright, as kind, as creative as possible! I'm so excited to see what you all come up with, i know how kind you all are. 


One more thing, as of tomorrow (Tuesday) I 'may' be doing my hourly walk around the playground between 12 and 1pm so if you just happen to be walking by during that time, have a look out for me and we can have a social distance wave & smile - it would be lovely to see your faces!! 



As a whole school, we would like you to start emailing/uploading to the blog the set work (i will let you know which work i would like emailed/uploaded each week).


Daily Maths: White Rose Maths (Week 4, click link above) and next six questions on the next three pages (if at the end of the booklet, restart from the beginning!) as well as daily TTRS sessions. 

Reading: By the end of the week to have read the next chapter in War Horse and completed the questions above.

Daily SPaG:  Next two pages in your SPaG booklet.

Writing: You should have received your High School letter last week (how exciting!) and I have been telling your teachers all about you. I think it would be a great idea if you were to write a letter to your school (research the name of your 'Head of Year' for Year 7?) to tell them all about you. Who you are/What you like to do/hobbies/family/favourite lessons and why/what you think you are good at/what you may need help with/what are you looking forward to/what you are a little nervous about!)

Remember to be keeping a regular diary - include pictures/story boards of your favourite days -  of your time during the Covid-19 lock down and home learning experience - note down personal feelings, thoughts, activities and how you are keeping safe/positive as a family. 

P.E/Dance: Daily P.E with Joe Wickes or Dance with Oti Mabuse (YouTube) Can you create your own fitness routine or dance routine to teach someone at home?

Creative: See our project above!! Send lots of pictures to our class blog.

Daily Education City: Either French, Music, ICT, (maybe try a new language or subject you haven't done before?) 


Science: ONGOING ACTIVITY - not compulsory every week. This term, would have been our 'break' from Science. If you would like to, I thought it would be fun/interesting for you to create a booklet fact file/PowerPoint (anything informative!) about any scientists that we have studied or mentioned throughout Year 6 so far (Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Carl Linneaus, Mary Anning, Alfred Wallace, Alexander Fleming, Benjamin Franklin, Alessandro Volta) Choose as many as you want - you may choose to do one/two scientists per week and add to your fact files?! I am looking forward to seeing what you create/find out about these scientists.


Keep Smiling. Keep Safe. Lots of love, Miss T xx