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Week 8: 01/06/20

Hello Year 6! 

I hope you have enjoyed a week of wonderful weather during (what would have been) half term!


Many of you may be aware that the government have announced the phase (gradual) return of pupils to school, starting with us (Year 6) surprise laugh frown yes cool heart cheeky A mixture of emotions - I'm sure - but I just want to reassure you all that we have been doing lots of arranging and planning to ensure the highest level of safety for you and teachers in school. For you, this will start from Monday 8th June, parents will be getting a phone call this week to discuss the details further with Mrs Brookes and Mrs Burgess.


School will, obviously, be different to when we were last in but for now/this week, online/home learning will carry on as normal.


Looking forward to seeing lots of (hopefully) smiling faces next week! Lots of love, Miss Thompson xx


Reading - Chapter 7 of War Horse (Questions below)

SPaG - two pages of SPaG booklet

Writing -  As War Horse is written from the view point of the horse, I would like you think of animal (any animal you wish/your favourite) and write a short story/character and setting description/poem/diary entry as your animal. BUT, I want to be able to guess/work out what animal you are without actually telling me! You must think of creative ways (lots and lots of show-not-tells) to give me hints and clues as to what animal you may be/Where you animal may live/thoughts and typical behaviours of your chosen animal character. I'll look forward to reading these! ;) 

Maths - Daily arithmetic (6 questions on 3 different pages) and WRM daily lessons with worksheets (below)

Science - We will be starting our last topic for Science - The Circulatory System. There will be a PowerPoint with worksheets uploaded each week (see below for links). Feel free to do some of your own research to find out a little more!

Research/creative activity - You could link this to your writing. A PowerPoint/poster/research/leaflet about your chosen animal - the more FUN and INTERESTING information, the better! Could you draw a picture or make a collage of your animal? Could you create a mini 'play' that includes your character with any younger siblings that could help out? 


Don't forget to let me know what you've been getting up to! 




Reading - War Horse Chapter 7