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Week 8 01.06.20

Hello Year 1,

Welcome back!!

I hope you all had a lovely week off from home learning. The weather has been beautiful. Get in touch on the blog and tell me what you have all been doing.

I cannot believe we have started a new month today! It seems like such a long time ago we were all in school together.  I really miss you all. Remember to get in touch to share all the good work you have been doing at home.


Have a good week.

Mrs Burrows x


This week’s activities are:




Watch RWI speed sound sessions - If your child has watched all of the sounds and now knows them confidently, please move onto the next set of speed sounds.

RWI Phonics lessons at home
Free Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons on
Facebook and YouTube for children to watch at home; three short Speed Sound lessons every day.

  • Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am (Mrs Wright's and Mrs Atherton's RWI groups)
  • Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am (Mrs Kubiak’s RWI group)
  • Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am (Mrs Burrows’ and Miss Perry's and Mrs Hewitt’s)

Recap the sound from the phonics at home booklet, write five words with the sound into your books. Can you put some of these words into a sentence?

Play a phonic game on Education City.



  • Please READ a book each day - Using home readers, Bug Club, Oxford Owl or your own books.
  • Complete another read and respond activity for a book that you have read this week (Link below).
  • Complete Ling the Ladybird comprehension (Link below)
  • Play on Teach My Monster to read
  • Listen to a story


I would like you to complete the five English lessons on Poetry from the Oak Academy (Link below, click on picture)  

  • To listen to a poem - In today's lesson, we will listen to a poem and have a chance to act it out. We will then answer some questions on it. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil.
  • To identify rhyming words - Today, we will be identifying rhyming words and working out which words rhyme and which words do not.
  • To identify onomatopoeia - Today, we will be learning about onomatopoeia so that we can include it in our poems that we write on Friday. The lesson is bound to go off with a BANG!
  • To plan our poem - Today, we will be drawing a poetry plan so that we are ready to write in Lesson 5.
  • To write our poem - Today is the day, we are going to write our Magic Wand poems.



In maths, I would like you to continue using the White Rose Daily lessons. This week we are learning about Shape. There are five lessons to complete over the week. The lessons on the site are about mass and capacity. We have already covered these in the first few weeks of lockdown. Please click on the alternative lessons.

  • Sort 3D shapes
  • Recognise and name 2D shapes
  • Sort 2D shapes
  • Patterns with 2D and 3D shapes
  • Friday maths challenge

There is a short clip on each lesson and an activity sheets below.


Play maths games on Education City

Remember for any extra maths activities, play some games through top marks website or watch some Jack Hartman maths videos on YouTube.

Come and See (RE)

NEW TOPIC Being Sorry


Read and share together: Sorry (really sorry) by Joanna Cotler

Full book available on You Tube (Click picture above)


Talk about the situations where we must choose what to do and how sometimes we make good choices – good for others and for ourselves – and sometimes we make wrong choices which make others and ourselves unhappy.


Can you make a list of ‘good choices/wrong choices’ and talk about them? 


Can you draw/write things that make me happy …Things that make me sad?


Foundation Subjects

The Oak academy has some fantastic foundation lessons prepared. Please click on each lesson title for the link.


Geography: What is South America like? 

In this lesson we are going to be virtually flying to South America which is in the southern hemisphere. First we will be filling our brains with facts about the population and how many countries are in South America. Then we will be learning about the physical features on this continent. It has lots of different elements! We will then be looking more in depth into the Amazon rainforest which is located in this wonderful continent.


Science: How can you measure rainfall?  

In this lesson we are going to be answering the question, how can you measure rainfall? We will be finding out what a liquid is and observing some examples. We will then be moving on to making our own rain gauge to measure the amount of rainfall we have during 1 week.


Geography: What is Antarctica like?  

This is our last lesson on this unit! We are going to be virtually flying to Antarctica, which is the coldest continent, so get your coats ready! First we will be filling our brains with facts about the size of this continent, the population and the climate. We will also be learning about some incredible animals which live in Antarctica We will dive into their genetics and how they are able to survive such harsh conditions. There is a special end of unit quiz, you can show off all the knowledge you have learnt this term.


Creative: To make insects using natural materials

In this lesson, we will be making insects using natural materials we can find on our walk, run or cycle! You will need things like small twigs, leaves, petals and stones. You can watch the lesson first, then complete the activity!



Try out the Wellbeing Journal Pack (sorry the link did not work last time!) to focus on the day ahead. Many opportunities to talk about your worries, thoughts and feelings,




Have a go at some of the activities and sing along!



Join in with Song of the Week. With weekly teaching and other super songs and resources.



BBC Bitesize

Here is the link for BBC Bitesize website. Each day there will be a maths, an English and a foundation subject activity for you to have a go at if you wish.


Have Fun!

Speak soon. smiley