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Week Beginning 11/05/2020

Hi Reception,


Here we are again... a new week and another set of home learning activities.  It seems like forever ago since we were altogether on our classroom, I bet you have all grown so much that I won't recognise you!  I can see from your blogs that you are all still shining at home and making your families proud, keep up the good work.  I hope you had a lovely weekend celebrating VE day in the sunshine, I know we did in the Wright household!  Hollie and I baked cakes and decorated our house with banners and then enjoyed a street party, making sure we stayed a safe distance from our neighbours.  Let me know what you did to celebrate. smiley


Stay safe, keep smiling and take care


Lots of Love 


Mrs Wright xx




As the sounds taught in each session are now being repeated I have altered which Speed Sound session I would like each group to watch.  Click on the link above.


Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am (Mrs Atherton's RWI groups)

Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am ( Mrs Wright's and Mrs Kubiak's RWI group)

Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am ( Mrs Burrows' RWI group)


Films are shown at the times above and will be available for 24 hours.


  • Write the new sound and five words with the sound into your home learning books.
  • Ask your Mum/Dad to think of a sentence (with words you can sound out) and play 'hold a sentence'.  They say the sentence slowly, you try and remember the sentence and write independently in your book.
  • Play one of the phonic games on education city.



Read books on the Oxford Owl website, these books are well matched to your child's reading level.  Follow the link below to access the RWI books matched to child's group. 


Sound blending books - Mrs Wright's group

Red Ditty books - Mrs Kubiak's group

Green books - Mrs Burrows' group


You can read other books on the Oxford Owl website too.


  • Read Mad about Minibeasts - click on the link to access story.
  • Play on teach your monster to read.
  • Read at least one book on bug club.
  • Listen to a story, CBeebies bedtime stories every night. 
  • Listen to What the Ladybird heard, read by Hollie.

What the Ladybird heard story

Still image for this video



*  Using the letters in the word 'caterpillar' what other words can you make?  Make a list of the words you can find. Here is a start for you, tap and rail.


* After listening to the story, Mad about minibeasts and watching the PowerPoint, design your own information page about your favourite minibeast.  Make sure to include drawings and writing. 


* Write a list of all the minibeasts you find on your minibeast hunt in your garden or on your daily walk.


* Make some speech or thought bubbles to add to the illustration from 'What the ladybird heard'.


* Try and make a Minibeast riddle - Who am I?  Put them on the school blog or tweet them, so I can guess what minibeast you are writing about.


What am I

What the Ladybird Heard speech bubble writing

Minibeast PowerPoint



* Oak National Academy sessions, click on the links below and complete the following five Maths sessions over the week:  


                * Counting objects to 20

                * Ordering numbers to 20

                * Developing a sense of 10

                * Exploring place value

                * Finding one more than a number to 20


* I have also added the White Rose Maths sessions for those of you who enjoyed the activities last week.  This weeks focus is The very busy spider, which is linked to our focused work on minibeasts.


* Play Maths Games on Education City.  I have added some new games but please feel free to search other games on the site.


* Watch Jack Hartman on youtube - Counting in 2's


* Watch Numberblocks on cbeebies

Count by 2

Understanding the world and creative


This week we will continue to work on the theme of minibeasts, I hope you enjoy the activities I have suggested for you to complete.


* Watch the BBC Bitesize clip, 'What are minibeasts?'

* Go on your own minibeast hunt. Don't forget your pencil, paper, magnifying glass and camera!


* Think of how you can display the information you have collected, maybe you could write a list, draw pictures, make a tally chart or pictogram.  See how creative you can be.


* Make a bug hotel. Click on the link for an idea to make in your garden

Bug Hotel

* Henri Mattise is a famous French artist.  Try and recreate his famous collage picture with the title, The Snail.

The Snail

* Use your handprints and fingerprints to create a picture of a minibeast garden.


* Junk modelling of minibeasts.


* Use clay or playdough to make minibeasts.


* Create bug sounds with musical instruments.


* Click on the link to watch CBeebies Minibeast Adventures with Jill.


* Play the minibeast game on your tablet or phone.


* Watch the Ugly Bug Ball.  Make head wear/masks/crowns for different minibeasts to wear.  Dance to the Ugly Bug Ball music.



Disney's "The Ugly Bug Ball" with Sing Along Lyrics


* Listen and join in with this minibeast song.

' If I Were A Minibeast ' from Out of the Ark Music


There are lots more lovely songs for you to listen to on Out of the Ark, just click on the link below.




I hope you have lots of fun this week and learn lots too.   I can't wait to see all your photographs and read your blogs.


Lots of love 


Mrs Wright x