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Week beginning 11.5.20

Good morning Year 3!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend in the glorious sunshine and are now ready for another week of home learning.  I will stick to the same format as last week – BBC Bitesize for your daily English and foundation subjects and White Rose for your maths learning.  I will add Come and See and wellbeing activities as the week goes on.  Remember to show me what you have been up to on our class blog and email any work to our school email.  Have a look back at any pictures or messages that you blog as I am trying to message you all back each day.


Today I would like you to use the BBC Bitesize website for your English and history work.
English – to identify similes and metaphors and be able to use them in your writing
History – Stonehenge – learn about one of the world’s most famous monuments

Maths – Use the link below for your White Rose maths learning – lesson 1 multiplying and dividing by 4 and 8





BBC Bitesize

English – writing a diary entry based on a classic tale

Geography – learn about latitude and longitude

White Rose Maths – lesson 2 multiply 2 digits by 1 digit


PSHE - Wellbeing


What do we mean by sharing?

Have you ever had a problem with a friend about sharing something that you both really liked?

How did it make you feel?

Sharing can be difficult and sometimes it can make you have feelings like anger, jealousy or sadness.  Talk with people in your house about times when you have found it hard to share.

Discuss with someone at home the things that you could do to help with some of these feelings.

What are the benefits of sharing?  When we share with someone or they share with us we can then have feelings like happiness, excitement and feeling proud.  We have more fun when we share and play together rather than when we play on our own.  We feel good and so do our friends.


Share and draw

Share something you like with someone in your house and ask them to tell you something they like. Now each of you could draw a picture of what the other person has shared.




Today I would like you to use the BBC Bitesize website for your English and science work.

English – to improve a diary entry using proof reading skills

Science – learn about vertebrates and invertebrates

White Rose Maths – lesson 3 Divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number


Come and See


At Mass today the priest wears red vestments. Many churches put up special banners and symbols of the Holy Spirit to remind everyone of the gifts of the Spirit. The Church celebrates the fulfilment of Jesus’ promise that the Holy Spirit would guide and help his disciples to understand all that he had taught them.

Pentecost is sometimes called the ‘birthday’ of the Church. In the Acts of the Apostles Luke recounts how the apostles all gathered together with Mary, the mother of Jesus. They felt dejected. Jesus had promised never to leave them and yet he was gone from them. He had said he would send them another friend to help them, but they didn’t know quite what he meant. On the day of Pentecost, the feast of the first fruits, they knew Jesus had kept his promise.

They described the coming of the Spirit as being like a mighty wind and tongues of fire. They were filled with the Spirit of Jesus, a spirit of joy, love, happiness and peace. They wanted to share their happiness with everyone. They stopped being afraid and went out into the streets to begin to tell everyone about Jesus and the good news of his life and death and new risen life. They found that they could communicate with people from many different parts of the world who had come to Jerusalem for the feast. That is how the Church began. So Pentecost is the beginning, the birthday of the Church.

Some parishes make this a day to celebrate the richness and diversity of the parish family. Just as the disciples found joy in the gift of different tongues, so today is a good time to remember the different languages people in the parish and neighbourhood speak. It is a time to celebrate the richness of the different cultures of the worldwide Catholic family.

  • In the reading, what were the Jewish people celebrating at Pentecost?
  • What was the promise Jesus made?
  • Why is Pentecost known as ‘the birthday of the Church’?
  • Why does the priest wear red vestments at Pentecost?
  • Why would parishes celebrate richness and diversity during Pentecost?


Collective Worship

Today I will be delivering a Collective Worship in school with the children of Key Workers.  It would be lovely if you could join in from the comfort of your own home.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.


 The Light shines in the darkness. And the darkness has not overpowered the Light. John 1:5

Jesus said that He is the light of the world. When it is dark it makes us feel safe to have a light with us.

I wonder if there are things that you are feeling worried or frightened about?  It is quite alright to be worried; God is with us in our worries.  Him being with us is like the light that the candle made, it helps us to feel safe.


If you are feeling worried about something ask an adult in your house to light a tea light for you, or even better use a battery operated tea light, and ask God to be with you and help you with that worry.


St Teresa of Avila, Pray for us.




Today I would like you to use the BBC Bitesize website for your English and Design Technology work.

English – when to use their, they’re or there

Design Technology – Learn how to come up with and communicate designs

White Rose Maths – lesson 4 Multiplication and division problem solving


Come and See


  • What does Paul tell us God gives to everyone?
  • What different gifts/energies does Paul tell us God gives to different people?
  • What are these to be used for?
  • What gift/energy, do you think God has given to you?
  • What gift/energy, would you like to have? Why?
  • How can Christians be open to the Spirit and use their gifts for the good of others? Why would they do this?

Create a symbol to show one of the different forms of energy. On it, write a poem about the kind of person you would be and how you would use this energy that the Holy Spirit brings to fulfil Jesus’ mission to serve others.



Today I would like you to use the BBC Bitesize website for your English and Art and Design work.

English – learn how to summarise information and to write creatively

Art and Design – drawing and painting

White Rose Maths – Friday maths challenge – get the activity


PSHE – Wellbeing