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Week Beginning 14th December

Hello, hopefully everyone will return to school this week who have been self-isolating.

However, I have included some work I would like you to do if you are still at home this week.

Remember to stay in touch on the blog.

See you Soon Mrs Burrows



Oaks academy –Complete The Eagle Who Thought He Was A Chicken: characters and problems


Lesson 9 - To write a problem of the story (Part 2)


Lesson 10 – To write a problem of the story (Part 3)  


The Runaway Iceberg Penguin Story

This adventure story follows two penguins who find themselves stranded in the Antarctic Ocean, in need of some help and lots of luck.


  • Guided Reading Questions PowerPoint – ask your child the questions on the PowerPoint before, during and after reading the book.
  • After reading the ‘Runaway Iceberg', encourage your child to let their imaginations run wild as they think of their own adventure story. What could happen to the penguins next? What disaster could strike? What other animals might they meet?



White Rose Maths –continue to  FOLLOW WEEK 7 Maths schedule with lessons 4 and 5 and then complete Christmas maths worksheets


Addition and subtraction

Week 7

Lesson 4 – Subtract a 1-digit number from a 2-digit number - crossing 10

Lesson 5 – Subtract a 1-digit number from a 2-digit number - crossing 10 – Activity

Come and See


In Come and See we have been learning about preparing for Christmas. This week’s lesson we will be leaning Jesus comes to us as God’s loving gift.

Remember Isaiah telling the people about God’s promise. God was true to the promise he had made. Jesus was born at Bethlehem, God gave us his only Son because he loved us and wanted us to know more about his love and to follow Jesus’ example.


God gave us Jesus as a loving gift to bring light into our lives. Catholics gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus at Mass on Christmas eve during the night and on Christmas day. It is a very special time to remember, God gave us Jesus because he loves us;


Here is a prayer to share:

Dear Jesus,

When we come to the crib on Christmas morning, may we love you as Mary loved you,

Serve you as Joseph served you,

And come to you as the shepherds and wise men came to you.



Talk about what the words might mean.

  • Design and make a lantern to remind us that Jesus is like a light. Decorate it with a Nativity scene.




  • Design and make a stained-glass window depicting the gift God gave us at Christmas, Jesus’ birth.



Foundation subjects


Science – Can a city be a habitat?


History – How has food changed in the last 60 years


Have a look at CBeebies Christmas wonderland of games.


Read every day using your school books, logging into Bug Club or reading your own books. Complete one reading journal activity

Play games on Education city. Choose your own subjects

Remember to keep in touch on the school blog