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Week beginning 15.6.20


bruise    existence   opportunity    system           category    explanation   parliament    temperature

1) Bruise has the –ui letter string in the middle making a certain sound. Can you think of 2 other words that rhyme with ‘bruise’ but which have different letter strings to make that sound?

2) Mindreader! Category, existence, opportunity, parliament, temperature. My many, many years of upper junior experience tells me that when children spell these 5 words wrong, they tend to make common mistakes. What do you think those common mistakes are?

3) A group of crows is called a ‘parliament of crows’. Parliament is a collective noun in this phrase. Can you tell me 5 other interesting collective nouns linked to animals? And try not to do ‘herd’ or ‘flock’! That’s dull!

4) Write a short paragraph that includes at least 4 of the 8 words and which makes sense



It was lovely to see some of your maps for your Anywhere Island last week - what a fantastic job you did.  This week you will be using your senses to create descriptions of your island.  I am looking forward to seeing what ambitious vocabulary you come up with to describe your island.  Have fun!



Come and See

God’s People (based on Isaiah 58:3-8)

God says: Be clear about what is right and what pleases me! Giving up things and putting on a miserable face does not impress me. What brings me joy is everything that brings freedom: a kindly word for someone who is worried; a helping hand for someone in trouble. When people share food with the hungry and help the homeless find shelter; if they give clothes to those in need and work at bringing happiness to their family and friends, I see my love growing in them. This is what pleases me, and they will become signs of hope for everyone, like a bright sunrise after a long dark night.


Isaiah emphasises the freedom God gives us to make choices and that these should be used responsibly.  There is advice on what we can do for other people rather than adopt selfish attitudes.  Isaiah tells us God is given pleasure by seeing what we do for others.  This behaviour is what God hopes will inspire others and permeate throughout the whole world – love, kindness, generosity, consideration, as these are signs that we have learnt from God’s love for us and wish to share it with others.




  1. What behaviour mentioned by Isaiah does not impress God?
  2. What are some of the positive things God wants us to do?
  3. How does Isaiah’s advice link with the Ten Commandments?
  4. Can we keep the rules that God gives us and why?
  5. Why has Isaiah used the idea of sunrise in the last line?  What do you think it means?


LEARNING FOCUS 5: The Beatitudes.



Read God’s Story 3 page 82, Jesus the Teacher.  Matthew’s Gospel collects Jesus’ teaching together in what is called the Sermon on the Mount.   Matthew’s Jewish readers would remember how Moses brought God’s law (rules) to the people.  Matthew wants his readers to recognise Jesus as the new Moses, calling people to a new way of living.  (Jesus went up the mountain and sat town and taught the people.)


Read God’s Story 3 page 82 Matthew 5 1-17, A New Way of Living.  




  1. Which Beatitude do you like best and why?
  2. In what way are the Beatitudes different from the Ten Commandments?
  3. How does what Jesus says link to Isaiah’s advice from Focus 4?
  4. How does Jesus want us to live?  
  5. How will we be rewarded for living in this way?  




  • Write your own modern version of the Beatitudes which show how they could be used to shape the attitudes and lives of Christians today.