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Week Beginning 18/05/2020

Hi Reception,


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are now ready for another week of home learning.  I am really missing you all lots and can't wait to be back at school with you, but seeing your smiley faces and the enthusiasm you show for learning on our class blog or twitter page really makes me happy.  Look out for a special delivery this week and some instructions for you to follow.  Keep working hard for your parents and make them proud as I know you always do.


Stay safe, keep smiling and take care 


Lots of Love 


Mrs Wright x




If your child has watched all of the sounds and now knows them confidently, please move onto the next set of speed sounds.


Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am (Mrs Atherton's RWI groups)

Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am ( Mrs Wright's and Mrs Kubiak's RWI group)

Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am ( Mrs Burrows' RWI group)


Films are shown at the times above and will be available for 24 hours.  If you are struggling to access any of the sessions please contact me at school.


  • Write the new sound and five words with the sound into your home learning books.
  • Ask your Mum/Dad to think of a sentence (with words you can sound out) and play 'hold a sentence'.  They say the sentence slowly, you try and remember the sentence and write independently in your book.
  • Play eye spy and read using the sheets attached below.
  • Play one of the phonic games on education city.



Read books on the Oxford Owl website, these books are well matched to your child's reading level.  Follow the link below to access the RWI books matched to child's group. 


Sound blending books - Mrs Wright's group

Red Ditty books - Mrs Kubiak's group

Green books - Mrs Burrows' group


You can read other books on the Oxford Owl website too.


  • Read Jack and the Beanstalk - click on the link to access story.  See if you can find other versions of the story too.
  • Play on teach your monster to read.
  • Read at least one book on bug club.
  • Listen to a story, CBeebies bedtime stories every night. 
  • Listen to The Tale of a Naughty Little Rabbit, read by Hollie.  See how many mini beasts and different plants you can spot on each page.

The Tale of a Naughty Little Rabbit

Still image for this video



*  After listening to the story, The Tale of the Naughty Rabbit, make a list of all the minibeasts and fruit and vegetables you can find in the book.


* Draw and label the parts of a flower.


* Look at the picture of the Giant, he doesn't know how to be friendly.  Write him a letter to teach him how to be a good friend.

* Look what we found in our garden...some magic beans!! What do you think Hollie is saying and thinking in the pictures? Write a sentence for each bubble. 

* Imagine you found some magic beans, what do you think would grow?  Would it be something friendly?  Maybe it would be a princess Castle or even go straight up to space?  Draw and write me some sentences about what you think would grow.

My magic beans will grow into...


* Watch the clip of the beanstalk growing.  Think of words to describe what it looks like and how it moves.  Ask your parents to think of some 'Big Year 6' words to describe it, remember how we learnt colossal and humongous, these could describe what the beanstalk looks like



* Oak National Academy sessions, click on the links below and complete the following five Maths sessions over the week:  


                * Finding one less than a given number

                * Exploring one more and one less

                * Investigating number combinations within 20

                * Review lesson - A maths meeting

                * Patterns and ordinal numbers


* I have also added the White Rose Maths sessions for those of you who enjoyed the activities last week.  This weeks focus is Superworm, which is linked to our continued focused work on minibeasts.


* Play Maths Games on Education City.  I have added some new games but please feel free to search other games on the site.

Understanding the world and creative


This week we will start a new topic on plants and also continue to work on the theme of minibeasts.

* Watch the PowerPoint - Parts of a Plant

* Look at the plants in your garden or when you go out for a walk.  See you if you can spot the petals, leaves and stem.  Where do you think the roots are?


* Take photographs or draw pictures of the different flowers/plants you find.


* Try and look at different seeds, bulbs or beans.  You could look at them with a magnifying glass, if you have one.


* Make your own 'magic' beans. Design a packet for them, remember to add instructions on how to help them grow.


* Watch the CBeebies clip and grow vegetable scraps.


* Vincent Van Gogh is a famous artist from the Netherlands. Try and recreate his famous Sunflower painting.

* Design a new castle for the Giant from Jack in the beanstalk to live in.


* There was a magical harp in the story, try and make your own musical instrument (Sorry Parents!)wink.  You could make one of the instruments from CBeebies or create your own. 


* Collect natural materials from outside and use them to make collage minibeasts.

* You could also check back on last weeks activities and see if there are any you didn't get chance to try.


* Listen and join in with this song, Growing in the Garden.

Growing in the Garden | Kids Music | Kids Video | Silly Bus | Garden

Personal, social and Emotional Development


* Complete the lesson from the Oaks Academy all about feelings.


* Feeling sessions.


* Draw a picture about how you're feeling now.  You probably feel different at different times during the day or week...I know I do!


* Think about what makes you happy, sad, angry, worried and excited.  Can you draw yourself and think about what you look and act like when you have these different feelings?  Can you think of any other emotions you might have?


I hope you enjoy all of your activities this week and most importantly have fun, keep smiling and be good.  I am already looking forward to seeing all of your blog and twitter posts.  


Lots of Love


Mrs Wright xx