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Week Beginning 18th January

Hello everyone! 

I hope you all enjoyed our first live lessons last week and if you haven't yet joined any it would be lovely to see you this week! Our whole class live lessons are 9.30 - 10 on Monday and Thursday. We also have our time to chat session at 2pm on Wednesday where we will be discussing our week and catching up with friends. Mrs Brookes is also holding a celebration time on Friday 1 - 1.30pm. Please keep an eye out for your invitations to all of the meetings. 

Thank you to all of the children who have posted their fantastic work on the blog! I am so impressed by the amount of work you have all done already and I have given you all some feedback. If I have asked you a question in the comments it would be lovely for you or your parents to respond. We have added a blog user guide to the Year 1 homepage for you to refer to and if you have any further questions please contact the school office. 


Have a wonderful week Year 1 and I look forward to seeing you all virtually! 

Miss Wagner 

Reading - Remember to complete a daily reading activity on Bug Club or choose one of your Home readers. 


Writing - As an extension activity you may want to keep a daily diary of everything you have been doing. Remember to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. 


Maths - If you want any additional support on an activity please contact me through the teams page or via the school office. 


For any additional learning, you may want to look at BBC bitesize as they are now offering daily lessons. Remember to log into education city and bug club each day and blog about the work you have been doing at least once a week. 

Week Beginning 18th January

Lockdown Learning timetable







18th January







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Lesson 1: To use the ‘Make ten’ strategy to add two 1-digit numbers

Live Lesson 9.30 – 10am

Guided Reading Lesson all about prediction and answering questions.

PE – Yoga


Come and See

LF1 – Gathering at Church on Sunday (see the PDF file below.)



19th January

Lesson 2: To use the ‘2 make ten’ strategy to subtract a 1-digit number from a teen number

Lesson 1: To box up for purpose

Spelling/ Handwriting

(See links below)

Come and See

Make a picture of the inside of a church. Include all the furniture and the people you may see inside.  


20th January

Lesson 3: To use the ‘make ten’ strategy to subtract a 1-digit number from a teen number.


Lesson 2: To explore how writers create clear action


Art –  Portrait of family

Time to Chat session 2pm


21st January

Live Lesson 9.30 – 10am

Lesson 4: To use mathematical models and strategies for addition

Lesson 3: To write clear action part 1


(See below)

Music – Creating simple patterns


22nd January

Lesson 5: To use mathematical models and strategies for subtraction

Lesson 4: To write clear action part 2

Arctic Topic

(See below)

PE – Take part in a PE with Joe workout.

Optional resources to support English

Spellings and Handwriting