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Week beginning 20.4.20

Good morning Year 3!

I hope you all had a lovely rest over the Easter holidays and have been enjoying spending time with your families.  I am missing you all and I just wanted to thank you all for working so hard at home during these unusual times. As always, I feel very proud to be your Class Teacher.


Keep using the school blog to let me know what you have been up to!



Hoping to see you all soon 

smileyMrs Burgesssmiley


Here are your daily tasks for this week.  I will also add tasks for you to complete each day.


Daily activities

Bug Club

TT Rock Stars


Joe Wicks daily workout

Out of the Ark ‘A Song a Day’


Monday 20th April


Red group – converting pounds and pence

Blue group – fact families

Purple group – number bonds





Read the book on Bug Club and answer the questions.

Red group - Big Giant, Little Bear

Blue group – Tick, Tock Unfix the Clock 

Purple group – The Queen’s Plan 

Tuesday 21st April


Red group - Adding money (without a decimal point)

Blue group - Compare number sentences

Purple group - Fact families - linking addition and subtraction


Using yesterday’s ‘Show not Tell sentences’ work, can you write your own sentences today?  Here are some ideas to get you started if you are struggling for ideas:

Show me that it is a hot day.

Show me that the little boy was scared.

Show me that the little girl was tired.

Show me that the boy had hurt himself.

Show me that the mum was happy that the children had gone to bed.


Come and See

Today we begin our new topic – Energy – Pentecost and Serving.

Christians believe that the gift of the Holy Spirit within them gives them energy and the power to live the way of Jesus.  The symbols used for the Holy Spirit – wind and fire – are symbols of power and energy.  At Pentecost, the disciples were filled by the gifts of the Holy Spirit and went out courageously to carry the Gospel of Jesus to the whole world.


  • What has been your experience of the power and energy of fire and wind?
  • How can the energy of fire and wind be used for good?
  • What do you think would happen if we had no sun?


Record what fire can do. Use the following headings: The sounds you hear, the smells you smell, the sights you see, the feelings you have, the differences it makes, the power of fire.

Record what wind can do under the following headings: The sounds you hear, the feelings you have, the movement it causes, the warmth or cold it brings, the difference it makes, the power of wind.

Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th

Good morning Year 3!

Below is a link for the BBC Bitesize website.  Each day there will be a maths and an English activity that I would like you to complete for the rest of this week. 

As well as your maths and English work, please complete activities below, also on the Bitesize website, and complete the Come and See activities below.

Enjoy the rest of your week and I will speak to you all soon.

Mrs B x

Wednesday 22nd – Science

Thursday 23rd – Music

Friday 24th – Wellbeing


Come and See

After Jesus had been raised to new life, he told his friends, “You will receive the power of the Holy Spirit. You will be my witnesses here in Jerusalem and all over the world.” As he said this, he disappeared from sight. They realised that he had gone back to his Father as he had said he would.

Acts 1: 6-11


Imagine you are one of the disciples after Jesus had returned to his Father. Having witnessed how Jesus served others, how will you continue his mission? Express how you would do this in action, giving reasons for your choices.