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Week beginning 22.6.20


cemetery   familiar   persuade   through   committee   foreign   physical   twelfth


1) ‘Thorough’ has the –ough letter string. We have looked at this in Year 6, and found this letter string had 8 different ways of sounding it. Can you think of a word for the other 7 sounds that –ough can make? (The 7th is tricky – remember hiccup?) 2) ‘Foreign’ does not follow the famous ‘I before e except after C’ spelling rule. Can you list at least three other words which are also exceptions to this rule? 3) ‘Committee’ – double m, double t, double e. Can you come up with another special jingle or mnemonic to help you remember at least one of the other tricky spellings on the list? 4) After talking it through with the committee, it was decided that we would take some flowers to the cemetery. I have written a sentence type 4 – starting with a subordinate clause, which includes 2 of the spellings. Write 2 of your own sentences, which start with a subordinate clause and each include 2 of the spellings from the list.



Wow, some of your descriptions of your island last week were fantastic.. I feel like I have visited your islands because you described them in so much detail - well done!

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