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Week Beginning 25th January

Remember to keep in touch on the school blog and to upload at least one piece of work each week.

Read every day using your school books, logging into Bug Club or reading your own books. 

Play games on Education city. Choose your own subjects or the games we have suggested. 
















Click your teacher link below

Lesson 1:

Practicing finding one more and one fewer and ten more and ten fewer

Lesson 6:  

To listen to a story and answer questions (Part 1)

PE: Yoga


Come and see: Book of the Gospels

 (See below)


Lesson 2:

Identifying number patterns

Lesson 7:

To listen to a story and answer questions (Part 2)

Spelling/ handwriting

(see below)

Come and see: Books design task (See below)


Lesson 3: 

Exploring odd and even numbers (part 1)

Lesson 8:

To listen to a story and answer questions (Part 3)


Making a collage portrait

(see below)


Lesson 4:

Exploring odd and even numbers (part 2)

Lesson 9:

To use a singular possessive apostrophe


Happy families

My special circle

Music: Understanding how sound can be represented by symbols


Lesson 5: 

Revisiting numbers within 100

Lesson 10:

To make inferences based on what is said and done

Arctic topic

Research arctic animal

(see below)

PE: Joe Wicks

Live workout



Please follow the links for the activities.

Any additional PowerPoints or worksheets are available below.