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Week beginning 30.3.20

Good morning Year 3.  I hope you all had a good weekend and are looking forward to week 2 of your home learning.  Each day I will be adding your daily activities that I would like you to complete and this week I will include a list of spellings that I would like you to practice for your 'home learning spelling test' on Friday - click on your group's link below. Let me know how you get on via our blog.


Activities to be completed each day

Bug Club

TT Rock Stars



Monday 30th March

Purple group

Maths - pages 46 and 47

English - I Spy (click on the link below)

SPaG - How many question sentences can you write?


Blue group

Maths - page 14 - Division

English - page 51 - Calligrams

SPaG - How many command sentences can you write?


Red group

Maths - pages 35 and 36 - grams and kilograms

English - Read pages 42 and 43.  Can you write your own rules for how to play your favourite game?

SPaG - Preposition postcards


Whole class

Come and See - Read the Parable from Matthew’s gospel (based on Matthew 25:31-40) and the PowerPoint Presentation.

  • Why do you think the people on the king’s right are called good people?
  • How had these people helped the king?
  • Discuss what it might mean to be hungry, thirsty, a stranger, without proper clothing, ill and in prison today and how can people in these situations be helped?


Think of those who are in need: e.g. refugees, the sick, homeless, etc. Describe some way in which Christians can give of themselves to enable those in need to live a better life.  Devise a class action plan for ways in which we can give help during Lent.



Tuesday 31st March



Use the BBC website to find out about changing state from a liquid to a gas by the process of evaporation and condensation.  Draw diagrams (with labels) and write explanations underneath.


Use the BBC website to find out more information on the Shang Dynasty.  What happened to the Dynasty?  Why did it end?

Write about what you found out and draw and label some pictures of some of the artefacts that have been found from this period.


A Little Bit of Kindness - Have a sing a long to this catchy song with a lovely message -  'what a difference we can make when we brighten someone's day'.

Click on the link below and sing along and have a go at some of the activities - they will make you smile.


Wednesday 1st April

No work at all today Year 3!!!!! Only kidding, April Fool!!!!!!

Another nice day of activities.



I thought it might be nice to do a piece of art today.

Click on the link below for Rob Biddulph and chose a cartoon character. Work along with Robbie as he explains what to do!  Take some pictures of your creations and post them on our class blog.




This hilarious concoction of healthy fruit and veg, mixed with not-so-healthy food, is quite a tongue-twister! It’s a challenge to sing, but guaranteed to be a lot of fun!

Click on the link below and sing along and have a go at some of the activities – how healthy are you?




Come and See

Using the PowerPoint below, answer the following questions.


  • How did Jesus feel when he got to the garden of Gethsemane? What did he do?
  • What does this story tell you about Jesus’ generosity?
  • Why do you think Jesus took his disciples with him and why did he ask them to stay awake?
  • What do you think about how the disciples behaved and why?
  • How do you think Jesus felt when his betrayer arrived with the soldiers?


Imagine you are Jesus in the garden. Write a prayer to God your Father using ideas from the scripture text to help you.


Thursday 2nd April


Purple group - Click on the link below and write your own story using the pictures to help.


Blue and Red group - Watch the video clip by clicking on the image below.

Continue the story by adding in your own adventure. 





Purple group 

Red group 

Blue group 

Friday 3rd April

English - Complete 1 of the following tasks:

Write a persuasive piece of writing, persuading people why they should adopt a healthy lifestyle.  

Write 'A guide to keeping healthy' include sub headings such as;  Diet, Exercise etc.




SPaG - Choose which level sheet you want to challenge yourself to complete - 1 star - 3 stars.  Or if you really want a challenge why not complete all 3.