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Week beginning 8.6.20


height, history, imagine, increase, accident

Do ‘look/say/cover/write/check’ to practise each word

1) Note your mistakes and re-write. You could use coloured writing, pyramid writing and other strategies you have learned to help you.

2) Write each word in a different sentence. Make your sentences as interesting as you can. Avoid starting each sentence in the same way.



Over the next few weeks all of the KS2 class will be working on a new project – Anywhere Island.

During this project you will:

  • develop your problem-solving and creative thinking skills;
  • make decisions and choices;
  • use a range of geographical skills;
  • discuss your opinions on important issues;
  • let your imagination run wild and;
  • Have fun!

Each week tasks will be added to help you complete your very own ‘Anywhere Island’.

Click on the link below to get started.

PSHE – Change

Over the last few months we have all had to make lots of changes to the way we live our daily lives.  Some of these changes have been very difficult whereas some changes we feel, in the long run, may end up being for the better.


Use the PowerPoint below to think about some of the changes that you have had to make recently and look at ways to help when we face changes in our lives.

Come and See

Explore – Choices have consequences

It was holiday time, and lots of children were playing in the park.  Tom and Andrew had met some of their friends and were looking forward to a good game of football.  Just then, along came Paul. “Just look,” said Tom, “he’s got his sister with him!” And there she was.  Jane was dressed in her shorts and was wearing new trainers.  “What have you brought her for?” asked Andrew.  “I had to choose,” said Paul.  “Mum said I could come if I brought Jane, but if not, I would have to play with her at home.”


 “It’s all right,” said Jane, “I can play football. I’ve been practising at home, and I’ve got my new trainers.”  Tom liked Jane.  He’d seen her kicking a football in the school playground and knew she wouldn’t spoil the game, but he felt a bit afraid of saying so.  He thought Andrew wouldn’t be friends with him if he did.


“Hurry up,” shouted the rest of the gang.  “Aren’t you going to play today?”  It was now or never.  “Come on Jane,” said Tom, “we’d better put our football boots on and show them.” Then he turned to Andrew, “Give her a chance,” he said.  The game started before Andrew had a chance to answer.  And they all enjoyed it.  Tom, Paul and Andrew, and of course, Jane.  None of them regretted that Paul had brought his sister with him.


  1. What do the words choice and consequence mean?
  2. What choices can you find in the story?
  3. What two choices did Mum give Paul?
  4. What do you think Paul said to his Mum?
  5. How do you think Jane felt when she heard what Tom said, and what Andrew said?
  6. How do you think Paul felt?
  7. What were the consequences of Paul’s choice?
  8. What choices have you had to make recently?  How did you choose and what were the consequences?