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Wk Beginning 11/01/2021

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed spending time with your families.  This wasn't the way I wanted to wish you all lots of love, luck and happiness for the New Year, however I guess this is how it has to be for now. 


It was lovely speaking to most of you last week and I really appreciate your support and kind words during these unusual times, by working together we can ensure your child gets the best learning experience possible.


Each week I will add the activities I would like you to work through together, these will be a mix of written and practical activities.  Please take photographs (if you can) and put work completed in your home learning books.  We will keep in touch through our twice weekly Teams sessions and through the school blog.  I am very excited, if a little nervous for our first session on Monday at 9:00 o'clock. 


Children, be good for your parents, make sure you listen and be the shining stars you are in school.


Take care, have fun and stay safe.


Love Mrs Wright xx



You should have received a text message to inform you which RWI group your child is in.  Please click on the correct group icon below to take you to this weeks sessions.  Any problems please ring me at school or send me a message on the school blog.



Read books on the Oxford Owl website, these books are well matched to your child's reading level. Use the login details:


Username: Wrightr

Password year0


Click on the Read Write inc ebook library and then read the books as follows:


Mrs Atherton's RWI group - Read sound blending books

Mrs Wright's RWI group - Read ditty books or Red books

Miss Abbott's group - Read Purple books.


You can read other books on the Oxford Owl Website too.


  • Read at least one book each day on Bug Club.
  • Listen to the Gruffalo - click on the link to access the story.
  • Listen to a story, CBeebies bedtime stories every night.



  • Draw your favourite character from the Gruffalo.  Label your character, try and write all the sounds you can hear...remember to use 'Fred fingers'.


  • Make a storymap for the Gruffalo, make sure you mark all the animals he passed on his journey.


  • Make a list of what clothes you would need to wear on a winter walk.


  • How many words can you make from the word 'winter'? You could also try 'snowman'.  I wonder who can make the most words.


  • Label objects or photographs of all the things you saw on your winter walk (See you Knowledge and Understanding Activities)



Whiterose Maths sessions, click on the links below and complete the following five Maths sessions over the week:


Video sessions 1-5



  • Collect 5 objects in your house, for example 5 socks, 5 sticks, 5 cups etc.  Investigate moving the objects and finding all the different ways to make 5.


  • Practice writing the numbers 1-5.


  • Can you spot numbers 1 - 5 in your house.  See if you can spot any when you go out on your winter walk.


  • Play on one of the number games on Education city.

Come and See (RE)


EXPLORE: Discover what a celebration is. How do people celebrate?



  • Draw a picture or use a photograph of how you celebrated Christmas. Can you write a sentence about it or talk about what happened with your family?
  • Make a party hat as a gift for someone in your family.
  • Play some of the party games suggested here.

Knowledge and Understanding the World


This half term we will be learning all about winter and our frozen planet.


  • Look at the PowerPoint all about winter.


  • Go on a winter walk using all of your senses.  What can you see?  What can you hear?  What can you feel?  Collect some objects or take some photographs on your walk.


  • Create a winter picture using the objects you collected on your walk or paint and draw a picture of something you enjoy doing during winter.





  • Make a winter scene using twigs and white paint.  See the image below. You may want to add more detail to your picture.



  • Design a scarf or winter hat.  You could draw or paint them or even use materials to make a collage hat and scarf.


  •  Make snowflakes, fold up circles of paper into 4 and cut out shapes.  You may want to decorate your snowflakes with glitter if you have some at home.


  • Join in with some of these winter songs.


Cbeebies Winter Song 2011 HD.mpg

Cbeebies Winter Song 2011

Snowflakes Snowflakes | Winter Songs for Kids | Snowflakes Song | Lyric Video | The Kiboomers

The Kiboomers! Snowflakes Snowflakes! Winter songs for Kids. Lyric video.★Get this song on iTunes:

  • Think about all the animals in the Gruffalo story.  Can you move like each of the animals?  Do they scuttle? Stamp? Slither? Glide?


  • Try the 'GoNoodle' dance game to Frozen. 

Frozen 2: Make Your Move | GoNoodle

Move along, FREEZE, and feel the magic with all your favorite characters from Frozen 2!Create a free account on now and find hundreds of ways to...

I hope you enjoy all of your learning activities this week.