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Wk Beginning 08/02/2021

Hi Reception,


I hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready for our last week of home learning before we all enjoy a good rest over half term.  I have planned some exciting activities for you to enjoy this week, we will be learning all about Chinese New Year and starting to think about the preparations for Easter, which start during our weeks holiday.


It was lovely to catch up with most of you on the telephone last week and hear all about the activities you are doing at home.  It sounds like your parents are continuing to be wonderful teachers.  Thanks again for all your continued hard work and support.


During this lockdown it can be hard to be stuck inside 🌧  So we have decided to give you all a little challenge...


Reading is a great way to break up all of your hard work with online learning and a chance to look after our well-being with some ‘quiet time’. When we can’t visit our local libraries or read in our comfy corners in our classrooms, then it is time to get creative!  


Whether it is building a fort, reading outside or even upside down, let’s see which ‘unusual places’ you can find to read in. 


Upload your photo to the blog by the first Monday back after half term for your chance to win a prize in this challenge. 


I can't wait to see all of your photographs.


See you all tomorrow, lots of love Mrs Wright xx



Please click on the correct group icon below to take you to this weeks sessions.  Complete all sessions each day and record work in your home learning books.




Continue to access books on the Oxford Owl website using the login details below:


Username: Wrightr

Password: year0


Click on the Read Write inc ebook library and then read the books as follows:


Mrs Atherton's Group - Read sound blending books

Mrs Wright's Group - Read ditty books or red books

Miss Abbott's Group - Read purple books


Feel free to read any other books on the Oxford Owl Website too. 


  • Read at least one book each day on Bug Club.
  • As it is Pancake Tuesday during half term, listen to Mr Wolf's Pancakes
  • Listen to a story, CBeebies bedtime stories every night.



  • Write a shopping list for the ingredients for making pancakes, don't forget to add your favourite toppings.


  • Write speech bubbles for the Wolf at the end of the story.


  • Think about the story 'The World made a Rainbow'.  We will listen to this in our live session on Monday and I will add a video of the story too.  Draw a picture and write a sentence or a list of your favourite activity/activities during this time.


  • Write at least one interesting fact you have learnt about Chinese New Year. 


  • As Lent starts next week, I would like you to think about something you will try hard to do over Lent.  This could be to tidy your toys away every day, make sure you read a book every day, help to look after your younger brother/sister etc.  You can use the template below or write this in your home learning book.

While we stayed at home writing sheet

Lenten Promise



Whiterose maths sessions, click on the link below and complete this weeks sessions, one per day. 


Video sessions 1-5 - Growing 6, 7, 8 (Week 2)

Come and See (RE)


EXPLORE – How and why people gather together.

Read this story together:


Thomas had not been able to go to Nursery (school) for ages because the schools were closed for lockdown. He had not liked that very much at all. He had enjoyed being at home at first and having Mum for a teacher, but she was often busy and had to do her own work. She wasn’t as patient as Miss Taylor and Mrs Whelan were and wouldn’t let him play outside as much as he wanted to. He was fed up with being at home now! The snow had been exciting for a bit, but it had soon vanished, and he was bored. He hadn’t been able to play football with his team on Saturdays either or go to the soft play centre. The worst thing about not being able to go to Nursery (school) was not being with the other children. Thomas had felt all alone. He had no brothers or sisters and Emma and Joe, his friends from Nursery (school), were not allowed to come to his house to play anymore. Thomas was excited about the time when schools would finally be open again.  He was looking forward to playing in the sand with Joe, doing puzzles with Emma and sharing a game on the climbing frame.


  • Play ‘The Farmer is in his Den’ or another game together. (Try to play one that requires the support and encouragement of others.) Discuss how your child enjoyed it because you played together.


  • Make a chart of all the things that you have done together as a family for the last week or so and talk about the activities that are better done together. What makes them better?


  •  Look through family photos of family gatherings. Talk about the times you shared and how you all felt and what you did.


  • Make a card for your friend at school to tell them you are missing them and are looking forward to seeing them again soon.

Knowledge and Understanding the World


This week sees the start of the celebrations for Chinese New Year, many people around the world will be looking forward to the festivities, with New Years Day being on Saturday 12th February this year.  We will be finding out about how people prepare for the festival, the types of food they may eat, the parties they may enjoy and the dances they take part in. 


  • Can you find China on the Globe?  Is it far away from where we live?  How do you think you would travel to China?


  • Some families in England will also be celebrating Chinese New Year, watch this CBeebies clip to find out about how Abbie and her family prepare and enjoy the celebrations.

CBeebies: Preparing For Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate

Abbie and her brother clean the house in preparation for the Chinese New Year celebrations.Visit CBeebies at to find even more ...

  • This year is the Year of the Ox, each year is named after an animal in the Chinese Zodiac.  Look at the PowerPoint below to see how the animals were decided.

Zodiac PowerPoint

  • This year is the year of the Ox, people born in this year are said to be honest, hard working and kind.  Research what year you and your family were born in and what this says about you.


  • Try tasting some Chinese food.  


  • During Half Term it will be Pancake Tuesday, so I thought it would be a good idea for you to practice making some pancakes this week, just like Mr Wolf...although don't eat any of your family! surprise

People born in the Year of the Ox are said
to be honest, hard-working and kin

Creative and Physical Development



  • Watch the Go Jetters on their trip to Beijing.
  • Tell someone in your family what you have learnt about China and Chinese New Year.  You could draw a picture or do some writing about all the things you have learnt.
  • Chinese New Year Celebrations always end with a Firework display.  Create your own firework picture, you could use chalks, paint or pencils.


  • During New Year Celebrations there is always lots of dancing in the parade to celebrate.  Join in with the dance below.


Chinese Dance For Kids

  • Mr Mackin is missing you all in his PE lessons in school, so he has made some fitness videos for you to try at home.  I have attached one below, have fun!

Mr Mackin Home workout #2

Another workout for you guys at home or in school👍 I hope you enjoy it!

I hope you enjoy all of your activities this week and I can't wait to see you all on Monday morning.  


Stay safe, work hard and have fun.


Love Mrs Wright xx