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Wk Beginning 18/01/2021

Hello everyone, 


Here we are starting another week of our home learning.  I hope you've all had a lovely rest over the weekend, recharged your batteries and are ready for some more fun activities this week.  I enjoyed a lovely walk with my family and our dog Fred, we tried to spot all the signs of winter you had told me about.


I have loved reading and looking at all your photographs on our school blog, it certainly looks like you are all working very hard at home...I'm super proud of you all.  I am looking forward to our weekly live sessions next week, they are definitely the highlight of my week, your enthusiasm to join in and share your learning really makes me smile. 


I will give you all a call early this week, to say hi and sort any problems with passwords etc you may be having.  


Keep working hard for your parents and make them proud as I know you always do.


Stay safe, keep smiling and take care.


Lots of Love


Mrs Wright xx



Please click on the correct group icon below to take you to this weeks sessions. Complete both of the sessions each day and record work in your home learning books. smiley



Read books on the Oxford Owl website, these books are well matched to your child's reading level. Use the login details:


Username: Wrightr

Password year0


Click on the Read Write inc ebook library and then read the books as follows:


Mrs Atherton's RWI group - Read sound blending books

Mrs Wright's RWI group - Read ditty books or Red books

Miss Abbott's group - Read Purple books.


You can read other books on the Oxford Owl Website too.




  • Draw a picture of one of the owls from the Owl Babies story and label all the parts of the owl.  Try and sound out the words on your own using 'Fred fingers'. I have also attached a worksheet for this below, if you would prefer to print one out.


  • With support, write a letter to the owl babies from their Mummy.  There is a template attached below if you would like to use this.


  • Look at the PowerPoint and CBBC clip below to learn all about nocturnal animals.  Write a list of all the nocturnal animals.


  • Choose your favourite nocturnal animal and write a sentence about it.


  • Using the ice you have made (See experiment below) hold the ice in your hand.  Write a list of words to describe the ice.



Letter Template



Whiterose Maths sessions, click on the links below and complete the following five Maths sessions over the week:


Video sessions 1-5 - Alive in 5 (Week 2)



Come and See (RE)


We are continuing with our topic of celebrating, I have added the links from last week as there are several celebrations for you to watch.


  • Plan a small party at home with people who live in your house. Make some party hats and decorations. You might have some biscuits, fruit, milk and a cake. Play some party games and sing songs. Take a picture and send it to your teacher.


  • Sing some party songs e.g. If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.


  • Look the pictures below of people celebrating different events. Talk about the different ways in which people celebrate. Talk about what makes a good celebration? Can you write down the words that you can think of and draw pictures? Use these words to help you…  Singing, Party hat, cake, games



Knowledge and Understanding the World


As the days are shorter during the winter and it gets darker earlier than usual, we are going to be learning about Nocturnal animals. Look at the PowerPoint and CBBC clip below

to find out which animals are Nocturnal.


  • Watch the Nocturnal animals PowerPoint
  • Watch the CBBC clip
  • Draw or create your favourite nocturnal animal.  I have added a craft owl you can make using your handprint below.

During the winter it is often frosty outside and is sometimes so cold, puddles have frozen.  We are going to carry out a simple investigation about ice.


  • Make some ice cubes.
  • Take part in the Oak Academy lesson by following the link.
  • Draw a picture/take a photograph of your experiment.  Write a sentence about what happened.

Creative and Physical Development


  • Make a picture of your favourite nocturnal animal.  Here are some examples you might want to copy.
  • Make an ice collage.  Use any leaves you have left over from your winter walk or you could go on another walk or collect objects from your garden.  Place these in a shallow plate/
  •  or dish and cover with water.  Add a piece of string and place outside. You may need to wait until a very cold day before this freezes.  Take out of the container and hang outside, watch what happens to it over the day.

Nocturnal Animal Song

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I hope you enjoy all of your home learning activities this week. Work hard and have fun.  See you all on Monday morning at 9 O'Clock.


Love Mrs Wright x