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Wk Beginning 22/02/2021

Hello Reception,


I hope you all had a wonderful half term and managed to have some fun during these difficult times. I can’t wait to see you on Monday and hear all about what you have been up to.  I have been on lots of walks with my family, read my new book and enjoyed baking some cakes.


I am keeping everything crossed that we get some good news on Monday evening and can be back together in our classroom very soon.  In the meantime I have planned some exciting activities which I am sure you will enjoy this week. 


As always, stay safe, have fun and keep smiling.


Love Mrs Wright xx



Please click on the correct group icon below to take you to this weeks sessions.  Complete all coloured sessions each day and record work in your home learning books.



Continue to access books on the Oxford Owl website using the login details below:


Username: Wrightr

Password: year0


Click on the Read Write inc ebook library and then read the books as follows:


Mrs Atherton's Group - Read sound blending books

Mrs Wright's Group - Read ditty books or red books

Miss Abbott's Group - Read purple books


Feel free to read any other books on the Oxford Owl Website too. 




  • After listening to the story, Handa's Surprise, name and draw the different fruits. Label them using describing words.  For example: The spiky, juicy pineapple.


  • Draw a story map for Handa's Surprise, label the different animals she sees along the way.


  • Draw and write a sentence about your favourite animal found in the Maasai Mara National Park.


  • Write one interesting fact you found out about Africa. ( See PowerPoint below)


  • Look at the picture below, choose where you would like to go and how you would get there.  Write two sentences, remembering to start each sentence with a capital letter and end with a full stop.




Whiterose maths sessions, click on the link below and complete this weeks sessions, one per day.


Video sessions 1-5 - Growing 6, 7, 8 (Week 3)

Come and See (RE)


REVEAL - The joy of gathering together to celebrate at Mass.


Talk about what is happening in the picture and how the parish family gather for Mass.

Think about these questions...


  • What do you see in the picture?
  • Who are the people in the picture?
  • Where are the people going to?
  • What are the people standing at the door doing?


Talk about how people are welcomed, as they gather in Church and how they listen to the Word of God.

Design a poster for our Church.  Write the words 'Welcome to St Teresa's Church'.  Include the people you will see gathering and listening, such as Father Martin and all of your friends from school.

Knowledge and Understanding the World


Over the past few weeks we have been learning all about the season of winter and finding out about some places in the World which are very cold for most, or all of the year.  This week we are going to be learning about the country where Handa lives, Kenya is a country in the continent of Africa.  This is hot all year round and the land and animals are much different to those in the places we have learnt about so far.


  • Handa's Surprise is set in Kenya.  Can you find Kenya on a map or globe?  Is it close to where we live?  How would we travel to Kenya?  Do you know anyone who has visited Kenya or maybe another country in Africa?



  • Watch these clips to find out more about some of the animals that live in Africa.




  • Which is your favourite animal and why?  Draw or paint a picture and tell me some interesting facts about your chosen animal.


  • Watch the PowerPoint about Africa.  Tell a family member something interesting you have learnt.  You could send a video message to a relative who doesn't live with you and tell them an important fact about Africa.

All about Africa

  • You may want to print off your favourite African Animal below and cut and stick the facts about your chosen animal or you could add interesting facts to your own painting/drawing.

Animal facts cutting and sticking

  • Handa had lots of tasty fruits in her basket.  Try a selection of fruits and make your own fruit kebab.  Which is your favourite fruit?

Creative and Physical Development


  • African art - For hundreds of years this has been influenced by the patterns found in the environment and surroundings.  Use the pictures below to help you create your own African artwork.


  • African Collar Necklace -Ornaments are worn in most African cultures and often represent a person's level of wealth.  Create your own African Collar using a paper plate and pasta.


  • To keep our school community together during this time, we have created a whole school art project.  Click on the document below to find this weeks activities.  Work with all family members to create a collaborative piece of artwork.

Art Project

  • Try this African dance, maybe you could make your own music and dance after you have tried this one!
  • Take part in Andy's wild workout in the African Savannah.

I hope you enjoy all of your activities this week and I can't wait to see you all on our live session on Monday morning and hear all about your half term break.


Have fun and work hard.


Love Mrs Wright