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Year 6 leavers 2017

Welcome to Year 6 2016-2017

We would like to welcome all children and parents to the Year 6 class page.  Here you will find an overview of what the children are learning about this year and throughout each term. 


We will  continue to update this page with all the exciting things that are happening in Year 6!

Thursday 8th June

Good morning.  We're just heading off to our first activity after a good night's sleep and a big breakfast.  Lots of exciting activities to come today and hopefully the rain stays away.  We will be back later with our best bits of the day and some more pics.


Wow, we are shattered now.  So many pics from so many great activities today.  We've done team building activities, low ropes, Jacob's ladder, bush-craft fire and fencing.  We have had an amazing time but we can't wait to see you tomorrow.  Here are today's pics.

Wednesday 7th June

Sorry for the late update but we haven't stopped since 7.30 this morning.  We have been playing aero-ball, climbing, abseiling, orienteering, zip wiring (it was really high) and campfire building.  It's been another great day with lots of fun and laughter.  We are just getting ready for bed now so here are some pics of our day - night, night.

Tuesday 6th June

Well, we loved our first night and have just enjoyed a morning full of activities.  Here are some pics and some of our best bits so far.  More to follow later in the day.

Ryan - Hi mum, thank you for letting me come on this trip; I am having a great time.  My best bit so far has been learning about the history of Kingswood. 

Ellie-May - Hi mum, dad and Joe.  I am having lots of fun at Kingswood.  My favourite activity has been the vertical play pen.  I had to climb a huge ladder; climb up tyres and a rope net.

Mia - Hi mum, dad, Madeline.  Having a fun time and I love being in a room with all the girls and I really enjoyed the climbing room - it was awesome.

Codey - Hi mum, dad and Ruby.  It is ace here.  Thank you for letting me come.  Mum, just letting you know I'm ok ha ha.  My favourite activity so far has been the laser quest.

Aimee - Hi mum, dad and Katie.  I'm having super loads of fun.  Particularly the activities like laser quest and the night-line.  It's great sharing a room with all the girls.

Joseph W - Hi mum, dad and Holly.  I am having a great time.  My favourite activity that we have done so far is the vertical play pen.  I got all the way to the top and touched the top wooden bar.

Georgia - Hi mum, dad and Olivia.  I am having a great time.  Today we did laser tag, caving, balance beam (very high), vertical play pen and fencing.  Having so much fun with all the girls.  See you soon.

Holly - Hi mum, dad and Ben.  I've had the best time here so far.  My favourite activities have been laser tag, caving and balance beam.  Love you lots, like jelly tots.

Logan - Hi mum, dad and Aaron. Hello and I'm fine.  I'm having fun and I've loved everything we've done so far.  Don't miss me too much.

Ella - Hi mum and Alan. I'm fine and I'm having fun with my friends.  We didn't sleep much last night but we are shattered now so we will tonight.

Lucy - Hi mum, dad and Thomas.  Today I went on the vertical play pen and got right to the top.  We also went caving - really small and scary but it was great.  Having a great the sharing a room with all the girls.

Joseph Adam - Hi mum and dad.  I am enjoying Kingswood and I have liked the caving the best.  I helped Mrs Burgess get through the tight squeezes (somehow).  The food is very nice and I know how to make a cup of tea now.

Lexie - Hi mum, dad and Zach.  I'm having a great time with all my friends, it's so much fun.  I'm loving sleeping in a room with all of the girls and we've had a laugh.  Today I was so scared doing the balance beam but i was brave and climbed up it on  my own and I didn't even cry. 

Emily - Hi mum and dad.  I'm having a really good time.  The best bit has been getting stuck in the holes in the caves and having to push each other out - we're all out safely now ha ha.

See you soon.

Christopher - Hi mum, dad, Ethan and Scarlett.  Don't worry, I'm safe and I am even eating loads.  Climbing through the caves and seeing how far everyone else was still behind me has been my best bit so far.  I'm having fun but I'm a bit, actually a lot, tired because we didn't sleep much at all last night.  

Ruby - Hi mum, dad and Harry - Having a really good time with all of my friends.  Today my funniest part was falling over a rope and nearly face planting the floor.  Don't worry I'm fine ha ha. See you soon.

Christian - Hi mum, dad, Matthew, Jamie and Anna.  Hello.  I'm having a lot of fun here even though the weather is rubbish.  I loved climbing up a huge ladder today and getting right to the top - it was really, really high.

Jake - Hi mum, dad, Luke and Emily.  Hello I ma having lots of fun.  Best bit so far is caving - it was really dark but lots of fun except for a huge spider.

Ellie - Hi mum and dad.  I am having a really great time with my friends.  I haven't lost my wellies yet or face planted the mud.  The best bit has been it all - it's all been fab.

Antony - Hi mum, dad and Anna.  I'm having lots of fun and my favourite activity has been caving.  It was really dark but so much fun.  The food is nice and I'm having fun with my friends.

Theo - Hi mum.  I am having fun with my friends and I really like it here.  It's fun and looks nice.

Lewis - Hi mum.  I love it here.  The food is nice and I am having fun with my friends. 

Robert - Hi mum and Clare.  It is really great here and I am having so much fun with everyone.  I got to the top of the balance beam today and was really pleased with myself.

Charlie - Hi mum, dad and Andy.  Hi.  I am having a great time.  The weather is alright, the food is great and I am having fun.  My favourite activity has been the laser quest.  Caving was good until I saw a huge spider. See you soon.

George - Hi mum, dad, Lyla and Ruby.  Having a great time with everyone.  Laughed so much last night in our room when the boys wouldn't go to sleep.  Best bit so far has been caving.  Mrs Burgess had to save me from a huge spider ha ha.

Kyle - Hi mum, dad, Alex and Jack. It's brill here.  I have been to lots of activities and eaten loads of food.  My favourite part has probably been spending time with my friends in our room - It has been really funny.

Matthew - Hi mum, dad, Megan and Hayley.  Hi, I love you and I am having a great time. Today I have been in a cave and conquered my fear of spiders - with the help of my friends.  We have laughed so much in our room at night.

Ethan - Hi mum, dad and Layton.  I am having a great time with my friends and the teachers.  Today I climbed to the top of a gigantic ladder/tower and my favourite part was laser tag.  See you on Friday.


To all parents - We have had a jam packed first day and all of the children have been great.  They have fully participated and have been such good fun to be around.  They have all challenged themselves to try new things and have worked as a team to help each other over come any fears.  We are sure that they will all sleep tonight - we know we will.  From Mrs Burgess, Mr Grice and Mrs Moore. 


Kingswood 2017

Monday June 5th


Hi everyone at home.  We arrived safely and we are having a great time.  The weather is wet, wet, wet but it isn't bothering us one bit.  Here are a few pics of us doing the night-line activity; it was hilarious.  

28th April - This week, as well as working extremely hard for our SATs, we spent our first afternoon being 'Young Engineers'.  We worked in teams to create our own models and experimented with the K'NEX.

27th March - This week we have been talking about what we would like our new chapel to look like.  The children discussed ideas and made plans of how they would like it to look.  The majority of the children decided that they would like a stained glass window to be a feature in the chapel so the children have been busy designing their own.  A vision board has been created along with other classes.



Well done, Ryan for an amazing story opening.  A fantastic piece of writing.

A little look at what we have been up to in Year 6.

Please click the link below to view the Year 6 Curriculum Maps.