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Mini Vinnies

Part of the sacristy has been converted to allow food to be stored, sorted then distributed. It is where our donations go before they actually feed people in our community. 

Father Martin and the SVP organise that side of things - the Mini Vinnies can help by advertising and collecting when we ask for donations again.


Happy Easter!

Today (01/04/21) our Y5 Mini Vinnies officially began their work. After our Easter Service, celebrated by Father Martin, four children were presented with their badges and certificates. Within minutes they were called into action to collect in all the donated food for the "Feed my lambs, feed my sheep" food bank. There were so many donations (almost 40 full bags!) we needed extra helpers to carry the food to church. Thanks so much to everyone for taking part, with donations and the raffle -  especially to our Mini Vinnies and Father Martin for helping our school support people in our community.