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'A welcoming family of God, growing and achieving together, with Jesus at our side.' "I am the vine and you are the branches"

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Catholic Life

Fratelli Tutti liturgical prayer

Passing on the faith to your child


How to pass on faith to your child.


What is the best way?



Children need to know what your faith means to you. Talk to them, let them share your experiences, pray with them. 


Let your home be a place where Christian values are evident – loving God and loving each other.


Children learn by experience so they need to go to church in order to feel a part of it, to help them to understand about the Mass, the Sacraments and the community of the parish.


If you attend church and go to school for assemblies and meetings about the Sacraments and RE it will mean a lot to your child.


Remember that you are the most influential people in your child’s life. No one has all the right answers. Everyone is on a different faith journey and it is important to share and enjoy that faith journey with your child.




Archive material


We have a display of work, done by several classes, in church that celebrates St Teresa our patron.


June update- new resources from Liverpool Archdiocese to support us all during these difficult times. There are some great ideas for younger children (including downloadable books) and some super prayer cards and ideas of activities you could try out at home.

Click Here

To see a wide range of family resources.


New resources now available include:



·  Reflection for the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ (also available as an audio download/podcast).

·  Readings for the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ.

·  Information regarding a series of forthcoming webinars ‘our Christian response to the COVID-19 crisis’.

·   World prayers for racial justice.

·   Family catechesis resources.

·   A link to the Bishops’ Conference’s Day for Life (21 June 2020).

·   The latest Nugent Caritas newsletter ‘Let’s stay in touch’.


First Communions

With an awareness that many of our families would have been celebrating the first communion of their child at around this time the family catechesis resource includes:

·         Sessions for use at home.

·         A guide to ideas and activities that families can do at home.


Carols by Candlelight

Key Stage 2 celebrated Advent by performing a beautiful service in a darkened church.


Year 3 created colourful tableaux to tell the story. Year 6 read passages from Scripture to guide us through the main events. Everyone sang traditional carols and performed actions to enhance several songs.


The church looked stunning with flickering candles illuminating smiling faces. Deacon Kevin introduced the service and helped us think about Christmas with just a few days to go.






Deacon Kevin celebrated our Harvest Service with us for the first time this year. He used the spelling of HARVEST to make lots of words to do with food and sharing with others.

Can you remember any of the words?


All the fresh food was grown at our allotment and will be shared out afterwards.

The beautiful loaf was baked by some very kind grandparents.


Welcome to our Reception Class

Father Martin Kershaw celebrated our special service to welcome our youngest children. Year Six sat with their "buddies" and lead the readings. It was a beautiful celebration, our first in church this school year.

Prayer Group

Our prayer group meets every Tuesday at lunchtime in our chapel. We are lucky to have such a beautiful prayer space.

Our stained glass window celebrates the fact that in 2018 we will have been open for 120 years!

The images chronicle some of the key influences on our school.


The barefoot child is a reminder that when

St Teresa's opened, many families were very poor and it was the only school in the town where children could attend without wearing shoes. Even the poorest children could have a good education.

The rugby posts and factory remind us of the leisure and work available to families in the past.




Our school produced several Saints players over the years and many parents worked in the glass industry.











Sport and healthy lifestyle still plays a big part in school life. 

The images of bread and wine remind us that our preparation for Holy Communion and other Sacraments is very important. When the school opened there was no church and a classroom was used as a chapel. Over a hundred years later the school has a new chapel, for prayer, but we are lucky and can go to Mass in our own

St Teresa's church every month.





The image of the Metropolitan cathedral (Liverpool) is a reminder that we are part of a wider Catholic education system. We are guided and supported by Liverpool Archdiocese and through them are connected to the worldwide Church.

Weaving through all the images - sometimes unnoticed, but always there, is a golden cross. This is a powerful image that represents the fact that Christ is at the centre of everything we do in school. Our community at school, home, parish and world-wide levels is always based on Christ's teaching. The Gospel message is the basis for our mission statement and every lesson taught, meeting held or game played...


It only remains to mention our patron saint, St Teresa of Avila. Our image of a book and quill pen is a reference to her being (among other things) a great writer. A similar image is over the entrance to our church in Devon Street, a reminder of how close we are in many ways.


So what do we do to help?


At St Teresa's we have an online prayer book and send home prayers used in school to share with your child at home. We invite families and parishioners to our monthly Masses as well as other services and Masses throughout the year. We support the work done preparing your child for Sacraments and work with the parish community to celebrate when they are made. Families, school and parish come together for Fair Trade events, fundraising, and community celebrations. We share information by publishing the school and parish newsletters on our website so that as many people as possible are invited and involved in all the work that goes on. We listen to parents, children, the parish and Archdiocese and work with all these groups to improve the faith experiences for your child and family.


If you would like more information or to comment/make suggestions please contact school.


New beginnings 2017


Our service to welcome new children to Reception was wonderful. Y6 helped their buddies come in to church and sing their "Here I Am" song. Mr Atherton, chair of governors, presented each child with a book bag. We sang hymns and Y6 read prayers and readings from two books of the Bible. 




 We celebrated Christmas with a Christingle service in church.

It was beautiful; candles in the darkened church while we prayed and sang carols.

Mass to celebrate Feast of St Teresa of Avila/Harvest


We celebrated our patron's feast this week  at Mass. Thanks to everybody for donations of food which will be taken to the Food Bank. The display on the altar included some magnificent pumpkins grown by the children at our allotment. Fr Tom made reference to them in his homily!

Our Family Mass was held this month to welcome all families from school and the parish community to come together. Mr Curran provided music and lots of people came in to school afterwards fro refreshments and a preview of our new stained glass window. Everyone who came into our chapel was impressed - we had some lovely comments of encouragement from parishioners who went to our school over sixty years ago...

" We wish we had had such a lovely chapel when we were at school."


"It looks stunning, what a wonderful atmosphere it creates."


"I love the history of the school alongside the religious images, it creates a feeling of tradition my daughter did not get at her last school."


"We are proud of our school, you would not expect such a lovely space unless you had seen it."


Thanks to everyone, especially Fatherr Tom for making the morning a success.


Things you might want to look aback over - from previous years...

This week children, parents and members of our parish all had the chance to come into church and see the Lampedusa Cross.


We reflected on why the cross is so important - it reminds us that we must welcome new people who need our help.


The cross is visiting parishes across the area.


Children and adults wrote messages of welcome and hope. Some with be sent via CAFOD to refugees who need our support.

Today (11/11/15) the whole school paused for two minutes silence. We wanted to mark Armistice Day and remember those who died in the two World Wars and in all conflicts since.


To make the event even more special the children made a giant poppy shape on the playground as a tribute. We prayed and spent the time in silent reflection.

Mass to celebrate the harvest and

the feast of St Teresa of Avila


The children read beautifully (As did Miss Hardman!) and the singing was outstanding. Thanks to everyone who took part and to parents and families who supported us. A special thanks to Father Tom for celebrating the Mass and to Miss Tann for leading our music on the piano. The donated food will be sent to our local Food Bank, the fresh items to the Salvation Army in the town centre. A final special thanks to Mr McAllister for baking a superb plaited loaf for us! 


New Beginnings Service

This week we celebrated the new beginnings in our school: new teachers, classes and in particular our new Reception class.

Year 6 children read beautifully and supported the youngest members of our school community. Mrs Flynn outlined the achievements already made this year so far and Mrs Ashcroft presented children with books and bags. The service also marked the first school appearance of our wonderful new banner, made for us by the talented Mrs Hewitt. It is based on symbols which represent our Mission Statement, including aspects of the famous St Teresa prayer.


Transition Mass at the Cathedral


This week Y5 and Y6 travelled to Liverpool to join in a celebration with feeder schools and De la Salle High school. It was a wonderful event - some of our children used sign language while we sang hymns, others carried our new Mission Statement banner made by Mrs Hewitt (Thanks!) which cause quite a stir...


Fr Tom came with us and we had a great morning and met some of our old friends in Y7. Bishop Tom presented us with a tree and some seeds to plant to help us remember the day.


More pictures to follow.