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Religious Education

Religious Education


What is Religious Education?

  • Religious education is about engaging with the deepest questions of life and finding reasons for the hope that is within them.

  • It is about the Christian vision of the human person.

  • It is the core subject which is central to the life of our Catholic school.

  • It is the systematic study:

  • of the mystery of God, as discovered through the Bible and particularly through the life and teachings of Jesus Christ,

  • the teachings of the Church,

  • the lives of the saints,

  • the relationship between faith and life.

We follow the Come and See programme which provides:

  • Succinct learning objectives

  • Key content

  • Appropriate methodologies

  • Rigour

  • Rich resources

  • Identifiable outcomes

  • Accurate assessment

Religious Education is taught discretely but children will be offered opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills across the curriculum.

Information for parents. 

The overview of Religious Education for each term will hep you support your child and be aware of their development through the year.