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St Teresa's Primary School

A welcoming family of God, growing and achieving together with Jesus at our side.“I am the vine, you are the branches”.


Curriculum Intent

Our overall approach is designed to help pupils:

  • enjoy a happy and secure learning environment where they are valued
  • develop lively, enquiring minds where they question rather than merely accept

  • acquire knowledge and understanding which will equip them for future challenges

  • obtain skills that they can transfer to other subjects or situations.

We seek to challenge, inspire and support children to perform.

At St Teresa's, we teach the National Curriculum, comprising the core subjects of: Religious Education, Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Computing, along with the foundation subjects: History, Geography, Design and Technology, Art and Design, Music, Physical Education, Modern Foreign Language and Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education, together with our own 'Land Curriculum' based at our school allotment.

Our school brings the National Curriculum alive through a structured, cohesive curriculum, which promotes enquiry-based learning, using discrete subject areas. Our curriculum is designed to deepen skills and knowledge which will be consistently retained. 

Basic Skills

We place a strong emphasis on the development of basic skills, which are necessary for lifelong learning. Each year group has a set of ‘non-negotiable’ basic skills that are taught and expected to be applied. All children in KS1 and EY have daily phonics lessons until they are secure in their knowledge. 

Community Links

In order for children to know about their locality, community and heritage, some of our Learning Challenges are very specific to St Helens and the environs. We make use of the local area and local people to bring the learning alive.


Religious Education

At St Teresa's we follow 'Come and See', a programme supported by the Liverpool Archdiocese.

The curriculum plans for this year are below, with key dates and suggestions for parental involvement.