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Year 5

Welcome to our Y5 Team!


Mr Leather

Miss Perry

Events in our timeline

KAB'S Gutter Mission

This week we really needed to use teamwork to achieve our goal. We quickly picked up new skills and learned new ways of solving problems as we moved coloured balls across the hall using pieces of guttering.

Then things got really tricky. One member of each team was blindfolded. How could we plan a way of working together now?

World Book Day 2022

We dressed up as characters from the books we have read in class this year. Dump kids from the future, fairy tale characters, Victorians, lighthouse keepers, Stig of the dump...

We shared books we had written with Year 2.



This week in our KAB'S lesson we played a new game - moving beanbags down a line of hoops.  Of course we played dodgeball afterwards...

Pirate Treasure!

Today we had to race to find pirate treasure.

We had to work as a team - strategy was important because the different types of treasure had different values. Choosing the best one was tricky sometimes.


KABS   Tower Wall Challenge

Today we had to build  communication towers using hoops and defend them while attacking the opposite team's towers.


Creating our own Haka ceremonial dance.

Kab's Gladiator Challenge

We had a range of challenges to test our skills.

We had to use speed, strength and agility to succeed.

Teamwork and co-operation were  vital as well.

It was hard work but great fun!

Guess Who?

Inspired (perhaps) by our Pathways story, someone has taken a special interest in scary fairy tales. In class, we explored the idea that most fairy tales are in fact very dark and violent. People do bad things and are often punished very severely. In our book, The Lost Happy Endings, something very bad happens to the witch. I wonder will our mystery reader give themselves nightmares with that book?



Recently we have done work outside with Dan.


We cooked marshmallows over a fire and played new team games.


This week we were set a real challenge by Dan. We had to work as a team to build an "aqueduct" across a gap. We had to use gutters, tyres and ropes to create a slope. The "water" was really blue plastic balls but that saved a lot of cleaning up. It was hard at first because everyone had different ideas. When we listened to each other and worked as a team (not quite as bossy?) we began to make progress. It worked in the end even though it seemed impossible at first.


This week we had a different music teacher - Mr Leather. We looked at crotchets and quavers (no not the crisps!) and composed then performed simple tunes with lyrics. 

Science with Mrs V. We have been learning about forces. This week we looked at air resistance. We made parachutes and tested them out.


One Kind Word

We took part in anti-bullying week - the theme this year was one kind word. Mrs Brookes started the whole thing off with a special assembly including a special wave...

We did lots of activities in class but our main focus was to design a calm corner for us to use if we are feeling that we need a bit of time in a space away from our normal tables. This will help us if we are having a bad day or are feeling anxious. We just need some beanbags to complete the corner. Everyone can help by using one kind word...


This term, we have started to work with the team from KAB'S. They are enhancing positive mental and wellbeing by developing key resilience skills such as team building, self-esteem, recognising our strengths and learning strategies to help keep our body and mind healthy. 


Dan from KAB'S has started to come in to school to work with Year 5. We have a whole class session with him and some of us do smaller group work as well. We worked on our family shield, fishing in piranha infested waters and even played a special game where we had to protect our secret team "doctor" - the only one who could revive us if we were "hit" during the battle.

Theatre Performance

We were very lucky to experience a live performance of A Christmas Carol. The actors were very energetic and there was a lot of music and dancing as well as a great story to tell. There were four ghosts which appeared in very strange ways. One even came out of a fireplace!



We worked outside making observational sketches of nearby houses. The important thing was to look carefully and draw what we see.

Year 5 Art inspired by Rorschach inkblots.

Remote Learning


Remember to use TT Rockstars every day.


Read some bug books or real books five times a week.


Try some pyramid spellings or word art spellings.


Ask your parents to contact school if you need any help with these things.


Good luck - hope you are back with us in school very soon.


Mr Leather




New things to celebrate...

A team of ten entered a diamond cricket competition. It was great fun - our first sport with other schools since lockdown. It was hot and tiring but worth it......

We have started archery lessons - a sport most of us have never tried before. It is very exciting. We made big improvements in our aim in one lesson!

Special presentation

Still image for this video

alex version 4.wmv

Still image for this video

Have a go at these  - or other games on the BBC Schools website. There are easier/harder ones.







Welcome to Year 5


September 2020

Please read this PowerPoint 




We sketched birds last week. 

Our new topic looks at houses and design.


Better weather this week so our cricket lesson was outside. More space and more fun...


Follow the yellow brick road...

We were very lucky this week to have the chance to watch a super performance of The Wizard of OZ. The interactive screen was very unusual. It left us with lots to think about - even our multiplication tables.


How did he pass the oil can to the tin man? How did he jump into the film? How did one of the teachers get the part of the Wicked Witch of the West?




Many of us have bought a poppy or seen them around in recent days. Year 5 went out to look at one church (St Luke's) display. We also found out about one particular soldier who lost his life at the Battle of Trones Wood in August 1916. Corporal Richard Price was a glass packer who lived in Eldon Street, not far from our school. He fought in one of the most dreadful battles of WWI. He left his wife Ellen and three young sons behind. 

The sad tale illustrates the sacrifice made during war. The money raised from poppy sales helps to support veterans. We wanted to remember Richard Price in our own way as his name is on a gravestone in the old cemetery nearby. Mr Leather laid a single poppy as a sign that we remember a local man who gave his life to protect his country.

What have we been doing?

It is difficult to share everything we do as we cannot invite parents into class to see. Here is a small sample of pictures showing our displays and what our class looks like at the moment. 



Cricket Coaching

Today we were really lucky to get the first in a series of cricket coaching lessons as part of our P.E. work this term. The lesson was great fun and at a really fast pace. We did an exciting warm-up activity (Heads, shoulders, knees and toes - ball ! ) and went on to work on batting and fielding skills. Our pictures are a bit blurred (Mr Leather took them!) because we were moving so fast...

Plastic Pollution

The whole school have been studying plastic pollution and the damage it does to the environment. Year 5 were especially fortunate as Mrs Brookes arranged for us to spend two days working with a professional photographer, learning how to take photographs in and around school. It was a marvellous learning opportunity and great fun as well. The theme was the damage that occurs when we carelessly throw away plastic. We should, of course, recycle it. We collected used plastic from our homes to create exciting images that will help promote awareness of the harm plastic can cause. Please be assured that we did collect all the plastic together after we had used it. It will be used to create artwork in school or be recycled.

Year 5 (And Year 5 parents!). 

Keep in touch at least once each week using the class blog. You can tell us something you have been doing or just say hi...


Once each week, email school with a piece of work you have done.

You choose what it is  - a picture - type something you have written/some Maths. Vary it each week. Just put - for Mr Leather - on the subject of the email and Mrs Brookes will send them to me.

I will reply or comment using the blog.


Mr Leather


Shakespeare Celebration


We had a great day today (Friday 20th March) celebrating our work based on The Tempest by William Shakespeare. We had a lovely assembly where we showed off costumes and our newspaper reports. Even Mrs Brookes came dressed as one of the shipwrecked sailors!

In the afternoon we finished our art project about American artists and finished by singing some of our favourite songs.  See if you can see who wore an invisibility cloak and perhaps our rapping star in action...

It was the last day we will all be together for a while and also the last day we will share with Miss Lownsbrough. Thanks to her for working with us and supporting us through this unusual week.

Dancing in the Street?

Jean-Michel Basquiat 

Art inspired by him, using patterns and colours.

He used images and symbols which are based on graffiti, Hip Hop music and Punk fashion. Skulls and other parts of the human body occur frequently in his work. His fascination began while in hospital when he used an anatomy book to copy sketches from. 

Safer Internet Day Presentations

Year 5 discussed, researched and then prepared PowerPoint presentations about staying safe online. We looked at using avatars to protect our identity and how to report bullying plus (importantly) how to make sure we treat other people properly online so that we do not become the bully!



We have created fantasy landscapes inspired by the artist Ansel Adams.


He used monochrome photography to create art. 


By not using colours he avoided distraction and focused on the shapes and moods.



We performed The three note Bossa by Ian Gray. 


We improvised Jazz melodies using the same notes and instruments.

Candles by Candlelight


Well done Year 5 (and everyone else!) for singing so well at our Advent service.


A week of culture!

Year 5 have been able to enjoy music and drama performances this week.


A brilliant musical performance of Sleeping Beauty amazed us all.




Later, we had a superb Christmas themed musical extravaganza performed by

St Helens Council Music Service

Christmas at the Cathedral


Museum of Liverpool visit


Year 5 had a wonderful day exploring the history of Liverpool. 

We then spent the afternoon at the cathedral celebrating at the

nativity service.


The weather was terrible but we managed the walk between with a smile!

Autumn Learning Plan for Year 5

Meeting for parents about Year 5


This PowerPoint covers the main points.



Canary Sings

Some of our class have visited Holy Spirit School to take part in a local history project all about coal and glass industries in St Helens. We worked with many other schools alongside an author who is going to create and publish a new book with our help. It will feature two characters inspired by our town, Coaly and Paney. 

The pictures below show some of the work we did.