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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


September 2020

Please read this PowerPoint 



Remember to use TT Rockstars every day.


Read some bug books or real books five times a week.


Try some pyramid spellings or word art spellings.


Ask your parents to contact school if you need any help with these things.


Good luck - hope you are back with us in school very soon.


Mr Leather


















Year 5 (And Year 5 parents!). 

Keep in touch at least once each week using the class blog. You can tell us something you have been doing or just say hi...


Once each week, email school with a piece of work you have done.

You choose what it is  - a picture - type something you have written/some Maths. Vary it each week. Just put - for Mr Leather - on the subject of the email and Mrs Brookes will send them to me.

I will reply or comment using the blog.


Mr Leather


Shakespeare Celebration


We had a great day today (Friday 20th March) celebrating our work based on The Tempest by William Shakespeare. We had a lovely assembly where we showed off costumes and our newspaper reports. Even Mrs Brookes came dressed as one of the shipwrecked sailors!

In the afternoon we finished our art project about American artists and finished by singing some of our favourite songs.  See if you can see who wore an invisibility cloak and perhaps our rapping star in action...

It was the last day we will all be together for a while and also the last day we will share with Miss Lownsbrough. Thanks to her for working with us and supporting us through this unusual week.

Dancing in the Street?

Jean-Michel Basquiat 

Art inspired by him, using patterns and colours.

He used images and symbols which are based on graffiti, Hip Hop music and Punk fashion. Skulls and other parts of the human body occur frequently in his work. His fascination began while in hospital when he used an anatomy book to copy sketches from. 

Safer Internet Day Presentations

Year 5 discussed, researched and then prepared PowerPoint presentations about staying safe online. We looked at using avatars to protect our identity and how to report bullying plus (importantly) how to make sure we treat other people properly online so that we do not become the bully!



We have created fantasy landscapes inspired by the artist Ansel Adams.


He used monochrome photography to create art. 


By not using colours he avoided distraction and focused on the shapes and moods.



We performed The three note Bossa by Ian Gray. 


We improvised Jazz melodies using the same notes and instruments.

Candles by Candlelight


Well done Year 5 (and everyone else!) for singing so well at our Advent service.


A week of culture!

Year 5 have been able to enjoy music and drama performances this week.


A brilliant musical performance of Sleeping Beauty amazed us all.




Later, we had a superb Christmas themed musical extravaganza performed by

St Helens Council Music Service

Christmas at the Cathedral


Museum of Liverpool visit


Year 5 had a wonderful day exploring the history of Liverpool. 

We then spent the afternoon at the cathedral celebrating at the

nativity service.


The weather was terrible but we managed the walk between with a smile!

Autumn Learning Plan for Year 5

Meeting for parents about Year 5


This PowerPoint covers the main points.



Canary Sings

Some of our class have visited Holy Spirit School to take part in a local history project all about coal and glass industries in St Helens. We worked with many other schools alongside an author who is going to create and publish a new book with our help. It will feature two characters inspired by our town, Coaly and Paney. 

The pictures below show some of the work we did.